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    Need York

    I need 1 standing or two seated. Price negotiable. Please!!!
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    Why was this thread moved? We were talking about Morrissey-related places in Manchester.
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    Why did this thread get moved? This seems a legitimate discussion about Quarry recording sessions. Why Off-topic?
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    Question about Interesting Drug video

    In Scandal & Passion (not the most accurate book I've ever read) David Bret says that the graffiti had to be changed from "there are some bad people on the rise" to "people on the right" as the former phrase was considered too offensive or controversial. Can someone explain for me how it is...
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    Happy Birthday Morrissey!

    Happy Birthday to the man that makes all of this relevant! Lots of love.
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    Who Shot Who? playing next weekend Saturday May 14th. The other half of Happy Martyr with his punk fusion band playing in Derbyshire. Should be a blast!
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    I'm ignoring you

    I ignored a guy for a week and got him to ask where I'd been. It seems counter-intuitive that it's better to ignore a guy than pay attention to him, but it always seems to work, so now the next round of ignoring starts again.... *sits on hands*
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    Lilies kill cats

    Any part of a lily plant, even in small amounts, if ingested by a cat will cause fatal kidney failure within 2 days. The cat will die. Please do not ever have lilies in your home if you have cats. I've had a very sad weekend because of this. :(
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    Which part of the recent interviews was most cringeworthy?

    Both Morrissey and the interviewers managed to make the interviewers look silly a few times during the process. Which bit did you find most awkward/cringeworthy? And forgot - Morrissey glibly responding how much fun it was putting together TVBOM, then saying how he doesn't like going through...
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    Lancashire and Treat Me Like a Human Being Lyrics request

    I need to get the lyrics to these two songs ASAP. If you've managed to listen to either song, I would be eternally grateful if you could share the lyrics. Thank you in advance.
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    Jim Carrey

    Geez, could be inspired by someone we know...
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    Infinite Jest - Monty Python

    Was David Foster Wallace a Monty Python fan? Is this common knowledge and I've only just discovered it???
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    Happy Mother's Day to Elizabeth Dwyer

    :flowers: Thank you for everything!
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    Which show will Morrissey cancel?

    I'm setting myself up for 1-2 cancellations. Which ones do you think are most likely?
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    Brother outselling Morrissey

    Just a gee-whiz - on 's website, Brother has the number 1 pre-order and Morrissey isn't even on the list. :O (but who is opening for whom...)
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    Chris Weitz to shoot Morrissey concert according to Tweet

    Somedizzywhore reported it first: Director Chris Weitz tweets he will direct Morrissey concert @chrisweitz Chris Weitz 25 Mar “@aryam578: have you ever considered directing music videos?” no, but Morrissey just asked me to shoot a concert of his and I will
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    Chris Weitz to direct Morrissey concert

    Somedizzywhore reported it first:
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    Which song would you like to see live? Part III

    Still more choices And You've Had Her as a write in option.
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    Which song would you like to see live? Part II

    There weren't enough choices...
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