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    req: the record producers - stephen street

    i tried to record the programme a couple times but something went wrong (and i didn't even manage to listen in the end). anyone have a recording? it'd be much appreciated. thank you :)
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    i can't believe it's not possible to have a serious discussion about that last picture of moz and his band in GD. or it's just saturday night... on the other hand on the main page people posted some interesting comments.
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    i see that

    if you want to know what it's all about open this thread XD if you want to know what it's all about open this thread XD if you want to know what it's all about open this thread XD if you want to know what it's all about open this thread XD if you want to know what it's all about open this thread...
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    The truth about the Cribs and Johnny Marr

    i know why this new partnership happened. the cribs are from the uk, right? i remember reading some interview where "x" jarman said he met johnny marr at a barbecue in portland, cos - you know -he lives in portland :rolleyes: my theory is, they witnessed the modest mouse/marr thing and they...
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    oasis plagiarize mike joyce

    yes, you can hear it in the last album, i don't remember which song. the drums are the same as in the outro of "London"
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    someone on another board said that Mike Joyce posts on here and that's he's been outed slagging off Moz's voice. is it true? and who it is? thanks x
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    Cajun Dance Party

    Nice band. This is a good live (Reading 2008)
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    It's Moz's fault.

    Well, it may be. Look, Mick Ronson produced Your Arsenal and died. Jerry Finn produced Years of Refusal and died as well. The only constant is Morrissey. Duns Scotus is on my side, folks.
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    avatar help

    Can anyone change the background colour of my avatar to the background colour of the site? Thanks. I tried with two softwares and it doesn't work. Or better still crop the picture and the cut the white background... Thanks. :)
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    I think

    we should bury the "whatever thread" and start another Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment thread.
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    transexual athletes at Beijing 2008

    The other day I wondered about that. Are there any at the Olympics this year? What about a man who becomes a woman? Do they compete with women? cos I believe they're physically stronger than women born as women (despite hormonal treatments or whatever they go through).
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    Do you like the Pope?

    poll is coming...
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    Moz's voice

    I've listened to Drive-In Saturday and the live at Hollywood Bowl and First Of The Gang To Die (a free live version) and I watched some recent youtube clips. I must say Morrissey's voice is terrible in its live form. I don't know why, because I don't mind in the studio versions. I don't know...
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    Italian elections...

    ...and the winner is:
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    Michael Howard sings The Smiths

    I have no idea who the guy is, I stumbled upon this by chance, while having a look at the daily mail headline generator. Sorry if it has been already posted.
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    Do you lie?

    Wait for the poll, please.
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    the AbBrEvIaTiOn gaym

    I randomly type : rhfyvkdnt ...and you tell me what it stands for. Then you type somthing else.
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    Citizen Kane handclapping

    Can someone post that? I remember seeing it a few times on here, the more you explore me! has posted it. And: where you do find those gifs? thank you!
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