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  1. Mozzersmandan

    Selling My London O2 Ticket

    Standing or seats?
  2. Mozzersmandan

    Paris - Grand Rex (Oct. 27, 2014) post-show

    He has to absolutely play Suedehead again. No half measures
  3. Mozzersmandan

    2 O2 Standing Tickets

    If u still have them, yes PM me please could pay asap
  4. Mozzersmandan

    Is the World Peace album somewhat of a rarity now?

    I think it will get re-released in time but that won't change much I own the album and it's already become a rarity to me, haven't played it in weeks
  5. Mozzersmandan

    Florence - Obihall (Oct. 21, 2014) post-show

    Easily best setlist of the tour so far, only takes a few slight changes like banishing 'to give' and dropping staircase for the first time live Sounded great - mountjoy up next please
  6. Mozzersmandan

    Confirmed 2014 tour dates; seeking label to issue "World Peace..." - TTY

    Wednesday 19th - Sunday 23rd november trip to krakow booked Bailed on London cba see u in Poland moz Flights hostel + ticket under £200
  7. Mozzersmandan

    Confirmed 2014 tour dates; seeking label to issue "World Peace..." - TTY

    **waiting for Budapest to be announced crew Morrissey should of played at Berghain in Berlin:o
  8. Mozzersmandan

    Johnny Marr on his forthcoming autobiography - "...won't be any kind of response to anything"

    Just back from seeing Johnny and his band at the G-mex They smashed out Panic, I Fought the Law (Clash), Getting Away With It (Electronic), How Soon is Now and There Is A Light It was an enthralling experience and one full of majesty and confidence from marr the front man and his superb band...
  9. Mozzersmandan

    Harvest ends contract with Morrissey - TTY

    Re: Harvest Ends Contract with Morrissey - TTY This. I still can't let it go how much of a missed opportunity the twitter account was, that could have made all the difference The spoken word videos were new and interesting and Istanbul received loads of AirPlay on XFM/6music with 'WPINOYB'...
  10. Mozzersmandan

    Morrissey statement / Lisbon, Portugal booked (Oct. 6)

    Re: Morrissey statement World Peace.....August 5, 2015 Jesus Christ - I guess his pr 'make controversial statement' drive has kicked in 'Thank you to my friends in Israel.' Really Morrissey tell me more... Is his appraisal of social media ironic ?! Does he even tweet
  11. Mozzersmandan

    ​B​radley Steyn -

    So many jimmies rustled - And yet moz still just doesn't see it He needs to get out from under his sycophancy blanket and sort shit out
  12. Mozzersmandan

    Morrissey Bodyguard Lawsuit -- He Wanted Me to F*** Up Fan Club Honcho - TMZ

    ' I am aware that all of the opinions posted on the site are controlled or written by David Tseng, and that David Tseng will give maximum and inexhaustive publicity to anything said in the negative about me. This is a general truth that most people accept about SoLow' Does moz actually believe...
  13. Mozzersmandan

    "World Peace..." reviews (, FasterLouder, Seattle Music Insider, Globes, Divirta-se)

    Re: Article: "World Peace..." reviews (, FasterLouder, Seattle Music Insider, Globes, This is in line with my thinking at present however I'm open to come back to the album in a few months and be re-engaged and involved. I do maintain a lot of these songs could work really well...
  14. Mozzersmandan

    "World Peace..." enters at #2 in UK album chart

    Somewhere in Switzerland a man is writing an angry email to Harvest Records.... The sales figures will make interesting reading but don't think he will have got close to #1 Does anyone know if the ed sheeran album came with an indistinguishable printed tshirt :o
  15. Mozzersmandan

    Favorite bonus track off "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"?

    1. Art-Hounds 2. One of Our Own 3. Drag the River 4. Forgive Someone 5. Julie in the Weeds 6. Scandinavia
  16. Mozzersmandan

    Who, in 2014, has the best musical songwriting skills? Johnny Marr or the Morrissey song composers?

    Re: Who, in 2014, has the best musical songwriting skills? Johnny Marr or the Morrissey song compose The Morrissey band had to do something different and I am surprised and pleased with the results - the music definitely engages and adds to the aesthetic and overall enjoyment of the album...
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