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  1. linder

    Ltd edition Roundhouse 21st-27th 2008 poster

    It's a beauty. No. 14 out of 100 Make me an offer.
  2. linder

    For sale: 1 ticket Lille nov 9th

    Sold Sold :)
  3. linder

    1 ticket Köln, bitte, please, aub!

    Wondering if anyone's got a ticket for thursday's Cologne gig to spare? Please let me know, will be travelling from Holland that day... GOT IT...THANX ROB!!!!!
  4. linder

    Dutch dept store selling "Everyday is like Sunday" shirts

    I was in the HEMA (dutch dept store) yesterday and to my surprise I saw they sold these really happy green/pinkish shirts stating "everyday is like sunday" :eek: Given the colourful appearance, I don't think they rate sundays like Morrissey does... Forgot to take a picture...
  5. linder

    Any pictures/audio from Brussels?

    Anyone? Would like to see/hear more:rolleyes:
  6. linder

    two tix for Brussels please

    I know, yet another request, but I'll try anyway... Someone got two tickets for august 27th to spare? I really want to please the press in Belgium!:p PM or mail me, Cheers, Linder
  7. linder

    Afterparty 28-05

    What an amazing night. Great gig (row B dead centre-José, you're my hero!!!), and I also thoroughly enjoyed the party at the Loop. To see all those people dancing and singing along to Smiths and Morrissey tunes...fantastic experience! Everyone was so enthusiastic and up for it. Imagine, me...
  8. linder

    Palladium box office question

    What are the chances of getting a better ticket for next sunday's Palladium show? I read about people getting them at the box office return, but the box office doesn't seem to be open on sundays. How to go about it?Just turn up early and try my luck? Any help would be welcome, cheers!
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