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  1. sonandheir

    Rare Morrissey/Smiths Photos Found loads of Morrissey/Smiths photos that I've never seen before ... Particularly like that one hehe
  2. sonandheir

    Morrissey Halloween Remix For some bizarre reason, I rather like this! I love the Derek Acorah part at the end! :D
  3. sonandheir

    Johnny Marr - Rare Tracks - 1980

    Just surfing YouTube, when I came across this: Click Here There are also three other similar tracks. Thoughts?
  4. sonandheir

    Greatest Hits?

    According to "Not Right in the Head" the presale code for one of the shows was "GREATESTHITS". According to "The Seeker of Good Songs", at last night's show, they were selling: "A navy blue saying Morrissey Greatest hits 2007 with a screening of a pair of boxing gloves. also a girlie T and a...
  5. sonandheir

    Rare Footage (WATCH!)
  6. sonandheir

    Julia Speaks! Short 30 second clip of when Moz handed the mic over to Julia...
  7. sonandheir

    Dagenham Dave Video Analysis

    Yes, it's another of those vile conspiracy theories ...:p After just watching the Dagenham Dave video, a few things tweaked in my head. However, firstly, some background information. The title is shared with a song by The Stranglers. Dagenham Dave to The Stranglers was Julia to Morrissey...
  8. sonandheir


    On the off chance, does anyone have "Nice 'N' Sleazy" (the B-Side to "Taste The Last Girl") by Sons and Daughters, that they'd be willing to share? Many thanks. :)
  9. sonandheir

    Sulky Young/The Tee Shirts Just stumbled upon the above link. I know that Moz was in "The Nosebleeds", but I've never heard of "Sulky Young/The Tee Shirts" before. Does anyone have any information regarding Morrissey's involvement with this band? :)
  10. sonandheir

    "Morrissey plays last 'G-Mex' gig" Apologies if this has already been posted.
  11. sonandheir

    Les Inrockuptibles Five minute video interview that Morrissey gave to a French magazine earlier this year. Apparently it's an excerpt of a DVD with a special edition ("Morrissey and the Smiths"). Enjoy! :)
  12. sonandheir

    Culture Show 1) First Of The Gang To Die - Live from the "Metro Radio Arena" in Newcastle (4/12/06) - VIDEO 2) First Of The Gang To Die - Live from the "Metro Radio Arena" in Newcastle (4/12/06) - AUDIO (WAV) 3) First Of The Gang To Die - Live from the "Metro Radio...
  13. sonandheir

    Still Ill

    Does anyone have an audio file of "Still Ill" from the Edith Bowman interview earlier this year? Thanks. :)
  14. sonandheir

    Is Morrissey conservative? The question is, do you believe Morrissey to be a 'conservative'?
  15. sonandheir

    Russell Brand Interviews Morrissey - Better Quality I'd totally forgotten that I'd signed up to receive the Russell Brand podcasts on my iTunes. Anyway, I've found the one with Moz on and edited it so it's just the interview. I think you'll find it's slightly better quality than the other files...
  16. sonandheir

    Moz In Top Three!!! :D :D :D
  17. sonandheir

    Paredes de Coura 2006 - Short Video Clip Does anybody know whether this concert was aired on Portuguese TV/Radio?
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