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  1. Elvez

    Suggs -> Autobiography and book events

    another autobiography to be excited about...i wonder if he mentions Moz in it? and some preview pages
  2. Elvez

    Pioneers - Out of Here (2005) from Manchester

    any one know what happened to them or if they're in other bands now? all i can find is this any kind person out there willing to share some Pioneers music? bsides, bootlegs, anything? gracias
  3. Elvez

    Free DL only today:Ryan Darton & The Wildebeast-I Am A Moth

    this is one of my mates who i mentioned a little while ago. he's offering a free/legal digital download of his debut album only for today. the cover below is not on the album but it's a sampling of his voice, because we all know voice and lyrics are the most important :cool: definitely worth...
  4. Elvez

    EMI-Universal deal cleared by EU and US regulators

    uh-oh :tears:
  5. Elvez

    DarkRiverArchive cover "Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself?"

    Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself (Morrissey cover) by DarkRiverArchive
  6. Elvez

    Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself by DarkRiverArchive
  7. Elvez

    'Urgh! A Music War' finally on dvd + soundtrack

    It's a classic!:cool: Just saw that this was released, apparently a year and a half ago.;),default,pd.html soundtrack thanks to mrml:guitar:
  8. Elvez

    The Dears new album and tour

    'degeneration street' out today! go buy it from their site. it's cheap. go see them live. it's worth it.:guitar: 2/15, Toronto, ON at The Drake Hotel (Polaris Music Prize Salon) 2/17, ON TV, CBC, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (Tickets for studio audience) 2/17...
  9. Elvez

    Longview - 2 new songs, finally after 7 years + b-sides

    ¡Hola Amigos! How come these lads aren't more well known? Hopefully someone out there will enjoy them. They're even from Manchester too!:cool: They just posted 2 new songs on their website to stream: She's Taking Me Over, and Happiness In Loneliness. Top tunes...
  10. Elvez

    Longview - Acoustic set @ Camden Monarch 23rd July

    One of the most underrated bands of the last 10 years. Go see them in person as it's a rare live appearance, and you will feel like you're back at Glasto again. They put on an awe inspiring set. Their songs are epic, plus they're from Manchester! :thumb: "Rob and Doug will play an acoustic...
  11. Elvez

    request: XTC - Nonesuch album

    Hola! I have this on cd and tape but can't find either. I looked online and can't find it anywhere. Not even the library has it! Any chance some kind soul can share/upload? It's one of my favourite albums and I'd be thrilled. Pretty please with a world cup on top?
  12. Elvez

    Idlewild appreciation

    There was a thread but its dead (archive only). So here's a new one. One of the most underrated groups in the last 20 years. :tears: They have a new album and single! :guitar: And there's even a moz mention in the new single description. :D
  13. Elvez

    Live Nation - $10 & $15 Tickets! No Fees - AUG. 26 and USA/CAN ONLY I don't like live nation one bit, but no fees are unheard of! Depending on the venue/province/state, you can see artists like Psychedelic Furs & Happy Mondays, Killers, Buju Banton, Franz Ferdinand, etc...
  14. Elvez

    Brian Setzer new album 'Songs From Lonely Avenue' out Oct. 13 and tour!

    After months of writing, arranging, charting, copying, tweaking, recording, mixing, reviewing, choosing, sequencing, mastering, (WHEW!)… We now get to hear the first amazing new tunes from Brian’s new album, Songs From Lonely Avenue. The first songs, Trouble Train and Lonely Avenue are now...
  15. Elvez

    Les Paul! No explanation necessary

    ¡Hola! No words can describe his importance to music so I won't try. In his own words: :D It's not technique -- it's what you have to say. I got the mumps. They threw me in a crib so I wouldn't roll out onto the floor. And there's a big bay window in my house, and that window stayed...
  16. Elvez

    Pop Noir, Jimi from Doves & Johnny Marr backstage LA Wiltern

    From Pop Noir's twitter. Kinda blurry but interesting none the less! :guitar:
  17. Elvez

    Labrador Records Spring Sampler 2009!!!

    One of, if not, thee best record company ever is giving away a free spring sampler! :guitar: "Where to start? After seven months of darkness we're starting to see the light and it comes in the form we call "Spring". We like it. And that...
  18. Elvez

    Mike Park (Asian Man Records fame) and Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy fame) tour UK!!

    ¡Hola Amigos! I'm just a fan (or an admirer as Moz would say) of Mike Park and Jesse Michaels. Mike Park is, dare I say, the Asian Billy Bragg and founder of Asian Man Records. Jesse Michaels is from the ace Operation Ivy:guitar:! I got a newsletter a few days ago and wanted to pass the info...
  19. Elvez

    Sundance Film Festival 2009!

    All things Sundance '09 site film guide Anyone else going?:D
  20. Elvez

    Silly REQ: Cause & Effect

    Hola! I have the cassette of the album 'Another Minute' by Cause & Effect, but it is almost disintegrated. Any kind person care to share? Gracias!
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