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  1. lebon21

    Tower Theatre - Philadelphia April 6th

    Sometimes the best decisions are made for you. After having AAA PIT for Reading, PA and it was such a brilliant night, I toyed with going the stubhub route and getting PIT for Philly although I knew my bank account would hate me. I planned on buying mine this weekend and alas, woke up to see the...
  2. lebon21

    Red Bank, NJ - Count Basie Theatre (Jan. 15, 2013) post-show

    Thank you to all who posted about show last night! It definitely sounds like it was a great one!
  3. lebon21

    Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City (Jan. 12, 2013) post-show

    Re: Article: Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City (Jan. 12, 2 I am dying to hear how the show was! I will be going to Reading, PA to see him Friday and am hoping it will as good as the shows I have seen from the videos you have posted :)
  4. lebon21

    Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City (Jan. 12, 2013) post-show

    Re: Article: Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City (Jan. 12, 2 Your videos are fantastic! Felt like I was there! Thank you for sharing!
  5. lebon21

    Reading show

    As I haven't been able to see him for such a long time, I had to get myself in the PIT for this show since I couldn't convince my husband to go along with me to another show! Hoping to have an amazing experience with fellow Morrissey fans and just enjoy every second of the evening. Looking...
  6. lebon21

    Reading show

    I haven't seen Morrissey since March 2009 in NYC so I am definitely overdue for a show! :)
  7. lebon21

    Photos from Atlantic City House of Blues January 12, 2013

    What great photos! Thank you for sharing them!! :)
  8. lebon21

    Reading show

    Super excited for Friday's show! Hope it's a great crowd, great vibe and of course, seeing Morrissey will be brilliant! :)
  9. lebon21

    Roll Call: Bowery (NY)

    I really cannot wait for this show! I haven't seen Morrissey since October 2007 :)
  10. lebon21

    How has Morrissey helpted you and influenced you?

    I had no knowledge of Morrissey/The Smiths where I grew up. It wasn't until I became an adult that I was blessed with his song - his beauty. His music has helped me and changed me. I am now happy with who I am.
  11. lebon21

    NYC - here you go

    Re: pre-sale - NYC How silly of me to think that it would be okay to ask fellow fans for some help. Thankfully, you have showed me the art of using the internet. What would I have done without you? Congrats on your tickets.
  12. lebon21

    NYC - here you go

    Re: pre-sale - NYC Hmm..nice. Thanks for the warm welcome - asshole...
  13. lebon21

    NYC - here you go

    pre-sale - NYC Does anyone know what the pre-sale deal is for the NYC shows is? Are all shows general admission?
  14. lebon21

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, FINAL RESULTS!!

    It is hard to vote which song is tops - I pretty much love them all ;)
  15. lebon21

    NYC, the time is near...

    The wait is finally over!! I cannot believe I will be blessed in the presence of Morrissey again. I tend to think this show will be crazy - and the rain isn't going to help out!!! :mad: I hope they will open the doors a bit early for us!
  16. lebon21

    NYC, the time is near...

    Does anyone know if the venue is picky with cameras? Do they search you?
  17. lebon21

    Duran Duran - Live!!

    Re: Duran Duran - Live @ the Hammersmith Odeon, '82 - FM Broadcast Great to see some Duran Duran fans on this forum! :D
  18. lebon21

    Start Time For NYC Shows?

    So excited for Friday night - I might throw up! :D
  19. lebon21

    If Morrissey were to hand you the mic...

    Fortunately, this happened to me at the Philly show - I asked him to help me because I was getting crushed and when he asked me what I wanted him to do....I said "You can kiss me!" I do not regret one second of it!!!!!
  20. lebon21

    NYC Hammerstein pre-sale date announced

    Got mine!!!!!!!! So much for the conspiracy theory that tickets were not going on sale until Saturday!!!!!!! :rolleyes: Glad that everyone stuck with it and got tickets!!!!
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