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  1. lebon21

    Reading show

    Super excited for Friday's show! Hope it's a great crowd, great vibe and of course, seeing Morrissey will be brilliant! :)
  2. lebon21

    Sneaking cameras?

    Does anyone have a good suggestion as to how I can sneak in a camera to the Philly show? From what I read on their webpage, cameras are definitely not allowed, and they even "pat you down"....:eek:
  3. lebon21

    Question regarding show

    Does Kirsteen Young open up for Morrissey? Or does she just join him on stage? What time does Morrissey get on stage usually? I will be racing after work down to Philly and worried about making it on time. Thanks!!!!
  4. lebon21

    Philly PIT

    So who else will be in the PIT at the Philly show on the 23rd??! :)
  5. lebon21


    It doesn't seem like Morrissey is doing Ganglord anymore. Darn - one of my favorites!!!!!!! At least Queen is Dead is back on the list :)
  6. lebon21

    Philly PIT

    DYING for Philly PIT tickets. If anyone knows where I can get two, please let me know!!!!!!
  7. lebon21

    No news? no news good or bad for us fans, who are desperately awaiting rescheduled dates for our shows???! :rolleyes:
  8. lebon21

    Cameras at PNC?!

    Any idea on whether or not cameras will be able to get snuck in to the PNC - Holmdel, NJ show this Friday??
  9. lebon21

    Rescheduled dates?

    Any information yet, as to when the postponed shows will be rescheduled?
  10. lebon21

    PNC Question

    I purchased tickets for the PNC show through Stubhub and they were delivered today. The tickets say "VIP" on them...does anyone know what the VIP is???? :confused:
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