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  1. jessesamuel

    TMS Hearts Moz covers

    Hello! It seems like the Web has been virtually scrubbed clean of the tracks from the TMS Hearts Moz covers "album." I can find a few tracks of questionable quality here and there. But can anyone provide me with all 20 tracks in reasonably high quality? There is a thread from 2009 on this...
  2. jessesamuel

    "Morrissey's Kill Uncle and the Wet-Dog-Record Theory" - The New Yorker

    "the muscular jangle-balladry of 'There’s a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends.'" What? If there's any muscle in the album version of that song, it's quite flaccid.
  3. jessesamuel

    Andy Jones covers 'Boxers'

    He sounds a lot like Stephen Duffy.
  4. jessesamuel

    Bootleg requests

    Fantastic resource. Thanks!
  5. jessesamuel

    Bootleg requests

    Hello! I'm trying to collect all the shows I've been to. Fortunately, that's only nine and I already have two. The other seven are: Phoenix, AZ 9 Aug 2002, Celebrity Theatre Tucson, AZ 10 Aug 2002, Rialto Yuma, AZ 11 Aug 2002, Convention Hall San Diego, CA 15 Sep 2002, SDSU Open Air...
  6. jessesamuel

    Smiths vinyl/mp3 remasters

    Oh, thank you. That clears up the last of my questions about the remasters! But I can't download the torrents at Demonoide - I need an invitation code because registration is closed. Can anyone help?
  7. jessesamuel

    Smiths vinyl/mp3 remasters

    Yeah, I was talking about those Rhino remasters. There was a story that there were mp3s included. On the current poll someone said: the smiths albums have already BEEN remastered (Score:0) seriously? OK, the smiths remasters have not been released on CD, but they were all remastered by...
  8. jessesamuel

    Smiths vinyl/mp3 remasters

    In 2009 all the Smiths albums were remastered and reissued on vinyl and mp3. I can find the vinyl on Amazon - but where can I get the 300 kbps mp3s?
  9. jessesamuel

    Axl Rose Rehearsing for London Morrissey date

    How sad life would be if we could only be fans of artists who admired us!
  10. jessesamuel

    Best Morrissey Song Ever, Semi-Final 1, Early Moz (1988-1991)

    I think the poll should be redone because I know I'm not the only idiot who only checked one song. The results will be skewed.
  11. jessesamuel

    Morrissey's band members' origins

    Which, if any, of Morrissey's bandmates over the years has been from Manchester (i.e. lived or born there)?
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