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  1. hangthedj*

    Need 2 O2 standing

    I did the same. Even missed the 02 pre sale. In my panic got sitting tickets, the ones high up and right at the back.
  2. hangthedj*

    London Palladium aftermath

    We needed them on the streets that night...
  3. hangthedj*

    Thank you so much Morrissey

    I like this thread. If I ever met Morrissey, the one thing i'd want to say to him most and would probably forget to say to him, would simply be 'thankyou'.
  4. hangthedj*

    Will Brixton O2 sell out in morning?

    Re: Is Brixton O2 (7th August) sold out? What websites that?? On Brixton and Ticket Master, they're still the same price.
  5. hangthedj*

    Will Brixton O2 sell out in morning?

    Re: Is Brixton O2 (7th August) sold out? Got Brixton in the pre-sales... but when I got my tickets I clicked on email me the tickets... would have rather got the actual ticket sent (for memorabilia)... I don't suppose there's anyway to change that now??
  6. hangthedj*


    Same here, before Hop Farm wasn't really bothered about this song, but now it's been getting way more plays.
  7. hangthedj*

    More London dates

    Well, the last train leaving from Victoria on Sundays is at 22.40 :/ I might try to get a Palladium ticket and sell the Academy one. Just wasn't sure how fast they would sell, so wanted to be sure I got one.
  8. hangthedj*

    More London dates

    Bit annoying it being Sunday. Not sure about the last train home... I'm guessing it's gonna finish about 11-ish?
  9. hangthedj*

    More London dates

    Thanks! Got my ticket. £37.50 + all those added fees. Why does it cost £2.50 for them to email to you??
  10. hangthedj*

    More London dates

    Shit. Didn't know about the pre-sales. I'm on 02 as well. What are the ticket prices for both the venues, and what one will be better? I've been to Brixton before, and that will have a great atmosphere, standing that is, would much prefer standing tickets. What are the chances of being able...
  11. hangthedj*

    Hop Farm 'roll call' + 'Morrissey tickets' now available for £40

    Have the ticket sells really been that low? They'd stopped selling weekend tickets last Friday I think, thought that must have been due to high sells..
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