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  1. jessesamuel

    TMS Hearts Moz covers

    Hello! It seems like the Web has been virtually scrubbed clean of the tracks from the TMS Hearts Moz covers "album." I can find a few tracks of questionable quality here and there. But can anyone provide me with all 20 tracks in reasonably high quality? There is a thread from 2009 on this...
  2. jessesamuel

    Bootleg requests

    Hello! I'm trying to collect all the shows I've been to. Fortunately, that's only nine and I already have two. The other seven are: Phoenix, AZ 9 Aug 2002, Celebrity Theatre Tucson, AZ 10 Aug 2002, Rialto Yuma, AZ 11 Aug 2002, Convention Hall San Diego, CA 15 Sep 2002, SDSU Open Air...
  3. jessesamuel

    Smiths vinyl/mp3 remasters

    In 2009 all the Smiths albums were remastered and reissued on vinyl and mp3. I can find the vinyl on Amazon - but where can I get the 300 kbps mp3s?
  4. jessesamuel

    Morrissey's band members' origins

    Which, if any, of Morrissey's bandmates over the years has been from Manchester (i.e. lived or born there)?
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