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  1. virtually dead

    Billy Bragg & Morrissey - previously unseen picture

    Billy Bragg just posted this on Facebook, is this new?
  2. virtually dead

    Something Rude & Crude and Relating To Harry Potter

    What would happen if you substituted the word 'wand' for 'willy'? Oh so juvenile, but quite funny. "There will be no foolish willy-waving or silly incantations in this class!" "Neville, I'm really, really sorry about this." said Hermione, raising her willy. "Panting, Harry fell...
  3. virtually dead

    What's The World

    Anyone know the chords for What's The World? This is all I can find online: E "that's not enough..." : G#, A But I feel there should be more chord changes :confused: Ta if anyone can help
  4. virtually dead

    Claire Biddles Exhibition At The SLC

    22nd - 24th May Open 12pm - 4pm I have it by good authority that it's the best thing you will ever see. I'll be handing out leaflets to all of those in the queue for the birthday gig, so say hello if you see me.
  5. virtually dead

    'Like launching one's own diary into music' When does this quote come from?

    'The Smiths was an incredibly personal thing to me. It was like launching your own diary in to music' I'm sorry to ask just a boring question but I am writing a peice and I want to use this quote, ideally I need where it was said and when but I can't find it anywhere. Thank you in advance...
  6. virtually dead

    Tour Injuries

    Because it's unusual to leave unscathed. So far I have a dirty great brown bruise on my right arm, one stiff leg, and a dull ache in my upper right arm. I'm sure you can do better than that.
  7. virtually dead

    Thinking of moving to New York City

    Hello I've started thinking about taking an extended holiday in New York, 6months to a year to start with and if I like it then possibly more. But I need some advice on the practicality of all this, what areas are cheap to live in? How do I get an apartment? How much money am I going to need...
  8. virtually dead

    Help With Identifying A Song

    I heard a song in a shop yesterday, and I really liked it but I don't know who it was by. I've tried searching google but it's useless. It was a male singer and it seemed to repeat the words 'glamour girls'. I'd be so grateful for any help. Thank you
  9. virtually dead

    Help With Some Basic German

    I'm going to Berlin for three days in March and I hoped that some of the German soloists (or anyone, if you want to show off your polyglotism) could teach me some useful phrases that I may need. I speak French quite well, but sadly in German I am completely ignorant.
  10. virtually dead

    Humourous Notes & Letters

    I have immersed myself completely in the Death Clock ( 's letter page. It's a revelation. My favourite ' I am hihly Ofented by yer site. I ast it when I wuld dy and it said yist'rday...Yer a hartless basterd' Please post here all your humourous notes and letters.
  11. virtually dead

    A (Intelligent) Late Night Argument About Sartre and Things

    Ok, I'm half-way through a bottle of wine and I thought it would be a giggle to provoke young half a person about Sartre (who she adores, more than me). Our argument went as was msn H: I'm trying to decide which sartre books to buy when I have money V:Satre, Satre...
  12. virtually dead

    Advice For Someone Out Of Their Depth

    Ok, I kissed a girl at a gay bar last night, I was drunk and I wanted to try it. We exchanged numbers, and now that girl has texted me asking me how I am. I am not looking for a girlfriend, I am not interested in seeing her again. She actually has a girlfriend. This text doesnt say anything...
  13. virtually dead

    Req: Peter Doherty Smiths Covers

    I used to have Well I Wonder, Jeane and Rubber Ring (I can't remember if that was a seperate recording or the end of one of the other tracks morphed into the first verse of RR) but they have been lost in computer changes. Could someone please upload them? Thanks x
  14. virtually dead

    Truly Divine Music

    Post here songs that are both beautiful and sublime, the ones that make you shiver. Make It Easy On Yourself - The Walker Brothers Perfect Day - Lou Reed
  15. virtually dead

    Help Me With Tomorrow's Dinner

    I have been living on maccaronni cheese and Super Noodles for three months, I feel I must branch out. I want to make something more adventurous tomorrow but I don't really know what to do. I'm not a very experienced cook. Could you suggest a meal that a poor student with many a kitchen disaster...
  16. virtually dead

    Best Morrissey Tattoo Competition for Inked Magazine

    Someone from 1888 Media sent me a link to this: And I thought that as so many of you have tattoos, it may be of interest to you. It's America and Canada only, unfortunately.
  17. virtually dead

    Let's Teach half a person The Green Cross Code

    Think First Find the safest place to cross, then stop If possible, cross the road at: subways, footbridges, islands, Zebra, Pelican and traffic light crossings or where there is a police officer, school crossing patrol or traffic warden. If you can't find any good crossing places like...
  18. virtually dead

    You Dancer!

    A in Higher English! :D Merge this, I don't care, I'm too happy
  19. virtually dead

    The John Lennon Frink Thread

  20. virtually dead

    What Is This Cliff Richard Song?

    :o I'm trying to find this song, but I can't find out what it is. It's just at the start of this episode of The Young Ones (it's not the theme song, I know that one). It's EARLY Cliff Richard, please don't mock me :p
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