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    Where does Andy Rourke live?

    I think we've all learned a lot from this thread. To recap: * Morrissey is nicer than Andy because Morrissey is a vegetarian, and because unlike Morrissey, Andy is rich and has money to stay in fancy hotels instead of living in the real world. * There's a crazy stalker in this thread, and it's...
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    Where does Andy Rourke live?

    I'm here to second what Valerie and Scarlet (and others) have said. Andy is a great guy, I've become a bigger fan after seeing how he interacts with others. In addition to his contribution to the Smiths. That blog was bull, almost all of the whining in that blog was directed not at Andy but...
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    My encounter today at McDonalds Customer: “I’d like to return this box of cereal. It tastes like it spoiled when I ate it. Here’s my receipt.” Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry. We can’t take it back. You only have 90 days to return this item, and you bought it over 5 months ago.”...
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    Question about members on 'ignore'

    I didn't. Go back and re-read, you've misread me (again). I asked for evidence as to why you think I'm a liar. I didn't. I said several times in that thread that I had no beef with you for posting that. You clarified and apologized which I thought was great. I think you seem smart and...
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    Is anyone gay here?

    I'm not gay here. I'm gay elsewhere. Mary Magdalene is a Morrissey fan?
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    Question about members on 'ignore'

    I haven't seen you point out any BS. You made some vague claim about me attacking people, when clearly Dave approached me to call me a liar. I at least support my assertions with direct quotes. You don't give specific examples, so it's hard to know if you're making stuff up or what.
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    Is anyone gay here?

    Yeah, right. Dave calls me a stupid idiot several times a week, so he should understand.
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    Joseph Andrew Stack - plane crash suspect

    Well, he's dead, so no one has yet provided a rebuttal showing us which parts were false or misleading. It wasn't entirely clear what exactly he was trying to do that led to the mess, it sounded like he and some friends tried to establish themselves as a church or non-profit or something...
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    Is anyone gay here?

    There was a rumor about Dave. Not that there's anything wrong with it! I think his preference is nobody's business but his own, I say. :)
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    Question about members on 'ignore'

    Dave, everyone knows that was an obvious joke. You had been calling me a liar (and a stupid idiot) for many weeks (months?) before that. I still have no idea on what grounds. If you're going to seek out threads where I post and respond to them all saying I'm a liar, well that removes any...
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    Depeche Mode - Alan Wilder reunited with DM at Royal Albert Hall (video)

    Catching up with Depeche Mode? Will a Vince Clarke / Depeche Mode reunion be next?
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    Post your bad dates here

    Re: Post your Bad Dates here. Anybody who'd willingly smack someone else in the mouth deserves a date. :)
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    Postcard from Morrissey

    Re: Belle Vue No one pointed out that the tables have turned? Morrissey misspelling Stephen Wright's name as Steven. Accident? Or a private joke from Moz? Not always. Sometimes it just makes you smell funny. :)
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    Question about members on 'ignore'

    "You're a liar" was worth the wait? Oh, I see, the "wait" was three minutes. Yeah, I guess that's about what it was worth. Me, I would have waited up to five minutes for "nanny nanny boo boo." What I'm really waiting for is the proof that I'm a liar. :laughing: WIN! Funniest post of the day!
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    my past is haunting me

    Ebenezer Scrooge? You know him? (Oh, of course you know him, I'm sure I saw him posting in the Pigsty.)
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    Americans are 'most attractive' people in the world, poll finds

    :confused: Um, that's kinda like saying "Europe, home of David Beckham and Mussolini..." Xenophobia! Xenophobia! Ooh, ooh, teacher, teacher, xenophobiaaaa!!!!! :drama:
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    Question about members on 'ignore'

    Dave, you've shown me you aren't worthy of civility. You have to give it to get it, and you sure haven't shown me any. I tried that approach with you, and see where it got me. You taught me that civility is unnecessary when you post in the Pigsty. I'm plenty civil to everyone else but you...
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    Question about members on 'ignore'

    Your problem is that you mistake the last sentence as being a legitimate opinion worth expressing. Maybe so many people wouldn't have you on their ignore list if you were able to express your opinions on their own without frequently resorting to hostile ad hominem attacks... and were able to...
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    Poll: Who will be banned next?

    NOW she tells me. What am I supposed to do with this head??
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