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    Snow Moz Appreciation Thread

    Merry Christmoz! Apologies if you've seen Snow Moz before. I'm told this was posted once a year ago in the Frink thread, where not everyone goes, before I was really on here much. I made him with my own two mittens in a bit over an hour, from a CD cover(can't remember which one). Snow...
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    OK, which one of you bitch mods deleted my acct and why?

    Without any warning or justification I can see, even. Kewpie? Unless maybe Solow had a glitch. I created a new account with my old username, and it restored my account including account age, friends, etc. Until I created a new account with the same name, I couldn't log in or reset my...
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    Are McCain fans insane?

    Come on, let's stop talking about videos and jpegs of isolated whack jobs that just happen to support McCain or Obama. This is nothing but a weakly transparent distraction from discussing real policy issues about which side is qualified to represent our country. This, according to McCain...
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