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    Morrissey turns 54 - May 22, 2013

    Happy Birthday, Morrissey!! :)
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    My Embarassing Stalker Named Michelle.

    Second, I am not responsible for even a significant fraction of people leaving this site... :lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf: Lastly, all of this is YOUR fault. Why? Because you couldn't handle that you were mocked for liking Jesse Tobias. Boo f***ing hoo. Deal with it and go back to...
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    My Embarassing Stalker Named Michelle.

    No, you're the f***ing idiot, for even bringing up this subject to the forums in the first place. Anyone who values their privacy would never bring up such a subject here...
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    Lance Armstrong - innocent or guilty?

    I've always had conflicting feelings about him..i mean..he cheated on his 1st wife...why wouldn't he cheat on anything else??
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    Gawdd#@%*t I'm back.

    :straightface: ...Sorry..but leaving this site for good is like trying to quit heroin or's very negative and bad for you but you gotsta have it. Urgh!! However, i do stand behind the quote from my previous post..."people are always ruining things for you.." This quote came...
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    Quotable Quotes

    "People are always ruining things for you." Goodbye and good riddance.
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    Online Blurbs

    Oh My Word....yesterday, I had a very trying day...i had to work (well, not really HAD was my choice to work this day..need moolah). It was Saturday. At a department store. An Amercian department store. Originally I was just scheduled to put clothes away, but someone had to leave work...
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    Combat Rawk

    Hello, Dear Reader(s), I join you again, for one of my many thrown self-pity parties!! (ha-haa!! i'm admitting here that this will most likely be a self-pitying entry, therefore critisism about this being self-absorbed will be rendered redundant! Well, hopefully. Friggin' party...
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    Stars of Track and Field... goes the first track of the, um, well i guess it's now vintage, Belle and Sebastian cd (what's a cd, Grandma?); If You're Feeling Sinister. That's the title of the cd, not a suggestion, granddun. I felt like playing it tonight because i bought it back in the late 1990s, when music stores...
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    Morrissey turns 53 - May 22, 2012

    Happy Belated Birthday Mozza!! Hope it was fantastic! :) <3
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    Late Nights, Deep Thoughts

    Well he-haay there! Seems i need to stop making promises of returning soon, because I never do. There are times, in fact, many, many times, where I vow not to post on this website again. But yet I keep coming back, to lurk. And then eventually...the urge to post something. My conflicting...
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    !Viva Hate's reign of terror is over!

    Re: Viva and Happynot sad banned? If VivaHate is banned from this website then it just goes to show you that no one on here is safe.
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    For The Older Now / Clever Swine Among Us...

    Oh, I know that. Just hated to be the bearer of bad news, that's all. I could never be an anchorwoman!
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    For The Older Now / Clever Swine Among Us...

    Yes it does. And the speed just increases as your age increases. Sorry. :(
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    The Fall - any fans???

    i also love The Fall. Been aware of them since the late 1980s..Only have two of their cds...A Sides and Northern Attitude. But hey, for some 'Merican Yank, ain't that kinda impressive??
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