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    Main page comments

    Is anyone else having difficulty viewing comments on the main news page? My computer is showing who's commenting but not the text. :confused:
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    In Memorium Pussy Galore

    What did she do to get banned? I, for one, enjoyed her posts.
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    Munich Air Disaster 1958

    ...can somebody out there possibly tell me what this song is about? I'm a WWII history buff, but obviously, this event happened way after the end of the supposedly last ever world war, and i have never heard of it...not to say it never happened... This song kinda reminds me of military kids...
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    Morrissey's myspace page

    Does anyone know if it's actually Morrissey himself that checks his myspace page? Or do his people check it for him? I left a couple of comments but recently his page is to where the comments must be subject to approval before publicly posting them. He hasn't approved any comments since May...
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    Morrissey in Austin's been 15 years since he's played the San Antonio/Austin area....I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Well, i suppose i could for another 28 more hours...
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