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  1. Jamie

    It was 20 years ago today - Southpaw Grammar was released in the UK

    Forever destined to be misunderstood, bookended as it is by two titans. Some love it, many despise it - perhaps his most profoundly divisive album? Here's the thread Fred started in honor of its 19th anniversary...
  2. Jamie

    Best Overall Solo Single That Missed the UK Top 20?

    Of the 15 Morrissey singles that received a standard UK issue, which one do you feel is the best as a whole? I have included the B-side titles to the 12"/CD edition(s) so you can consider their merits, alone or combined, as well as the quality of the artwork. I truncated a few of the titles...
  3. Ryan

    "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mine)

    The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series - Passions Just Like Mine Often imitated, never matched, The Smiths have grown to be one of Britain's most influential groups, and Morrissey one of the world's most influential and controversial recording artists. To celebrate the 30th anniversary...
  4. Jamie

    Suede 'Bloodsports' Bonus Tracks

    Does anyone have the following tracks available to share? They are not available through US iTunes (and I believe are only sketchily available in other markets, too). It's frustrating that the single for Hit Me and For The Strangers are readily purchasable but these are not. Dawn Chorus...
  5. B

    'Morrissey's miserable no more' - interview by Tom Cardy in The Dominion Post

    Morrissey plays Wellington tonight. In this interview in the Dominion Post he talks about why depression is the best thing that ever happened to him, and blames his early solo band for losing him his audience in the US: Morrissey's miserable no more - by Tom Cardy, The Dominion Post /
  6. Jamie

    Seeking MP3 Versions of Everyday Is Like Sunday Reissue B-Sides

    Would anyone be kind enough to share MP3s of the following B-sides? I have the vinyl originals, just not the digital transferring means. Trash [Live - 1 June 1991, Costa Mesa, CA] Everyday Is Like Sunday [Live - 8 June 2007, Hollywood Bowl] I appreciate it in advance...
  7. Jamie

    JoAnna James (New Alain Whyte Collaboration)

    FYI, Alain produced and plays on the new "Try" EP by this talented singer/songwriter, which is now available on iTunes. For those of you who listened to his demos on myspace, you'll immediately recognize his trusty drum machine. Alain contributes some really great slide guitar on the title...
  8. Jamie

    MP3s of New Alain Whyte Compositions?

    Has anyone recorded Alain's new comps to MP3 and are willing to share? Completist that I am, I would love to have them. Cheers, Jamie EDIT - To clarify, I am looking for the five instrumentals on his myspace site, not the new comps on YoR.
  9. Jamie

    Crash Action

    Does anyone have the Crash Action EP that Alain Whyte produced approximately five - six years ago? I've been curious to hear it. Cheers, Jamie
  10. Jamie

    The OneThree

    Would anyone happen to have this Boz Boorer side project available for download? I only remember seeing a handful of tracks available a few years ago. Curious to hear Boz mixed with hip-hop overtones...! Cheers, Jamie
  11. Jamie

    You Should Have Been Nice to Me demo, AKA Laughing Anne

    Since this has been discussed over on the main forum, could someone kindly provide a link to the demo version? As Stephane says, the version named Laughing Anne is really You Should Have Been Nice to Me. It seems to be the only Alain / Boz demo (or, so-called "Miraval session") from Southpaw...
  12. Jamie

    Fantastic Bird - lyrics and some thoughts

    Lyrics courtesy of Stephane's fine Passions Just Like Mine site (plug! plug!). I only became aware the other day that these were posted over there. First, at just a glance and w/out the aid of the music, these are truly some of the most bizarre lyrics I think I've seen from Morrissey, like a...
  13. Jamie

    Happy Birthday, Alain Whyte!

    Mr. A. G. Whyte, Morrissey collaborator extraordinaire, of Camden Town (lately of Los Angeles, CA) turns 41 today. Since David no longer seems to post Lads' birthdays on the main page and I don't do the myspace thing, I wanted to put this out there so any other like-minded fellows/fellowettes...
  14. Jamie

    theaudience B-sides?

    Surely I'm not the only one 'round hither to remember this great "lost" band from the late Nineties? They have some affinities with the Smiths, particularly the guitar sound, and some of the song titles are the wryest thing this side of Morrissey. I've just rediscovered their single videos on...
  15. Jamie

    Red Lightning - Baby Come Back

    Is there any chance that someone out there downloaded this song from Red Lightning's myspace page and can share? The site is till available and the song can be streamed, but it says the "artist has not enabled songs for download." Perhaps this has always been the case, but I'll take a shot in...
  16. Jamie

    The La's - Radio Sessions and Rarities?

    Anyone out there have any La's radio session / rarity material out there? I've owned and cherished their lone album for years, but have never gotten around to tracking down any of the earlier versions or unreleased songs. I've read that some of the earlier versions of songs from the album...
  17. Jamie

    A New Visit to the Warner Chappell Publishing Site

    As many of us know, the recent revelation of a dozen new Alain Whyte / Morrissey compositions on this site created some speculation as to what was in store contribution-wise for the new album / B-sides. I took another cursory glance and, while finding no additional Alain titles, it was...
  18. Jamie

    Random Question for Vegetarians

    Please don't interpret this as being a "loaded" question or having any particular agenda other than my brain firing a quizzical electron. For very strict vegetarians who own pets, what meatless options are there to feed their cats and dogs? In general, most pet foods (any that I've ever...
  19. Jamie

    Recordings of Johnny Marr with the Pretenders?

    Does anyone out there have any soundboard or radio-quality recordings of Johnny Marr playing with the Pretenders back in 1989? I was listening to The Singles the other day and thinking of how good he must have been on Kid, Back on the Chain Gang, etc. James Honeyman-Scott's playing was clearly...
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