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    Pregnant for the Last Time jigsaw puzzle for sale

    Hi all, I have one copy of this jigsaw puzzle for sale. It's in perfect condition. Best offer gets it.
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    For sale: Smiths/Morrissey BPI/RIAA gold/platinum record awards

    Hi all, I've been collecting RIAA and BPI gold discs for 20+ years. I'm just about to move, and I no longer have space for all of them on the wall. I figure that these will be better appreciated by someone else! A subset of this collection appeared in the NME 15-20 years ago. I'm posting...
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    Face value ($169) front orchestra tickets for Broadway residency

    Hi all, I still have the following tickets for the Broadway shows. All are in the first few rows of the orchestra on the sides. While the vast majority of orchestra seats sold for $427, these were available via BroadwayDirect for $169 each. If you've been to a seated Morrissey show before...
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    Morrissey Broadway tickets: first six rows for May 7, 8, 10

    Hi all, I have pairs of tickets for sale for the shows on May 7th (Orchestra Left Row E) May 8th (Orchestra Left Row D) May 10th (Orchestra Right Row F) Drop me a line if you're interested.
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    Dallas pre-show meetup?

    So, it's still unclear whether there will be a Dallas show, but there are two of us who are planning to fly in and we'll have to board our flights on Friday before the Houston show begins, so we're pretty much committed to coming to Dallas either way. Is there anything interesting and...
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    FS: Two orchestra tickets for Brooklyn Kings Theater: face value

    Hi all, I ended up getting better tickets in the general sale than I did during the presale, so I'm selling two tickets for the Kings Theater show on September 24th. The tickets are in section 3, row N (fourteen rows from the stage). I'm asking face value for the tickets: $125 apiece plus...
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    Final item for sale: Autographed prop from Alma Matters video

    This one's another weird one that I'd let go of for the right offer. Sugar frosted MALADJUSTED cereal box from the video shoot for Alma Matters (see the first few seconds of the video). Autographed by Morrissey behind the Apollo Theater on May 7, 2004.
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    And finally: Smiths promo posters

    The final part of my collection that I'm considering selling are a complete set of Smiths promo posters. The majority of these posters are 12"x24", although a few are larger (Hatful of Hollow, William, Louder Than Bombs, Barbarism, Lollipop Boy Tour poster). A photo of these posters on my...
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    The liquidation continues: Official BPI/RIAA Gold and Platinum record awards

    Hi all, I've been holding onto some incredible rarities for a long while and I'm starting to wonder whether they'd be better appreciated in the hands of someone else. As a result, I'm considering (but not totally committed to) selling the following items for the right price. If you're...
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    Additional YATQ, ROTT promo CDRs for sale

    Since there has been such a strong response to my initial posts, I figured I'd let go of some more items, as well. (I haven't thought about any of these acronyms for years, but several of you have asked if I have these. I had to think carefully about several -- it's been a while since my...
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    Selling loads of Smiths rare CDs

    Hi all, I'm considering getting rid of a number of Smiths CDs. Please PM me with offers if you're interested. If they don't sell, I might put them up on Ebay or Discogs at a later date. Australian CD singles: All Universal Music Publishing CD In Concert: New Rock Show #95-40 In...
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    Selling 21 items on RC Top 50 list, including eight in the top ten

    Hi all, I'm in the process of cataloguing and ripping my old CDs and I've come across a number of rarities that I'm finally ready to let go of. I'm willing to take private offers on any of these items. If they don't sell, I'll list them on Ebay or Discogs at a later date. A Smiths list...
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    Official Morrissey T-shirts for sale: some very rare

    Hello, I have a bunch of old-to middle-aged Morrissey T-shirts that I'm considering passing on to new generations of fans. The first two have been lovingly worn; the remainder have been on hangers for their full existence. Drop me a line with a reasonable offer (i.e. $20 and above) and I'll...
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    Two rare Smiths CDs for sale

    Hi all, I have two rarities that I figured I'd put up for offers here before throwing them on Ebay. Drop me a line with an offer if you're interested in preempting my auctions! 1. Meat is Murder / The Smiths Tokuma Japan 2CD 27JC-189-90 NM- 2. Hatful of Hollow Rough CD76 rare cover...
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    Unloading my (modest) vault of Smiths/Morrissey unreleased versions

    Hi all, I've been on Morrissey-Solo since the beginning and have been privy to a modest number of alternate versions of Smiths & Morrissey tracks over the years. I shared a couple of them five years back (Irish Blood demo & Let Me Kiss You demo), in the hopes that others would follow suit...
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    Will pay $$$ for the following promo CDs

    Irish Blood, English Heart (1 track, CDR) $120 First of the Gang to Die (4 track CDR, plain writing on sleeve) $80 I Have Forgiven Jesus (4-track UK promo CDR, similar cover to released version) $120 The Youngest Was The Most Loved (UK promo - blue disc) $60 The Music of the Smiths...
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    Sound of the Smiths UK 2CD, still sealed, $15 shipped

    Hi there, I have an extra sealed copy of this CD. I'll ship it within the USA for $15. If you live somewhere else, I'll send it with a nominal extra charge. Drop me a line if you're interested.
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    Original Promo Poster: I Started Something. Current bid $3. Ends Today!

    I Started Something promo poster on Ebay, mint condition
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    Philadelphia PIT ticket wanted

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a pit ticket to the Philly show that they're willing to sell? I'm interested in an upgrade. Thanks!
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    How much will these cancellations cost you?

    It's funny. I never seem to learn with Morrissey. Boca Raton and Orlando will be my 6th and 7th cancelled shows (out of about 70 attended). I've booked a flight ($208.20) and a non-refundable hotel via Priceline ($140.00). Additionally, I'm sure that LiveNation and TicketMaster won't...
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