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  1. Daddy Cool

    We have found another Homo
  2. Daddy Cool

    Some Hygiene Tips

  3. Daddy Cool

    Too Many Poles

    Following this early morning, anger fuelled threat from The Skinny, I have but one question to ask. (see poll)
  4. Daddy Cool

    Must Try Harder

    You now know that I know that I know that they know.
  5. Daddy Cool

    Have you been to jail?

    Yes? No? What for? Come on, own up, criminals.
  6. Daddy Cool

    Would you eat a dog?

    If you were absolutely starving - as in, at death's door - would you kill and eat a dog if it was your only source of food? And how much of it would you eat? Just the 'meat', or the offal too? Discuss.
  7. Daddy Cool

    Favourite Boney M Song

    Vote for your favourite Boney M song. To jog your memory I have included some links below. Happy jiving. Daddy Cool: Rasputin: Rivers of Babylon: Ma Baker Brown Girl In The Ring:
  8. Daddy Cool

    Briefs or boxers?

  9. Daddy Cool

    Barry "The Blender" Henderson

  10. Daddy Cool

    Suedehead (Sparks Mix)

    I've just wasted 79p on this atrocity. Any chance of a whip-round so I can get my money back? :straightface:
  11. Daddy Cool


    See more at You racist.
  12. Daddy Cool

    Pig related Smiths/Moz songs

    Ham-some Devil Honey-glaze Changes Everything Pork Is A Four Letter Word Sty Keep Swine Hidden Swill Ill Squeal Around The Fountain Pig Meat Is Murder Miserable Sty Pretty Girls Make Grunts The Ham That Rocks The Cradle Please, Please, Please, Pig-let Me Get What I Want A Rush and A...
  13. Daddy Cool

    PHQ Test

    Has anyone done this? I just came across it on t'internet tonight. And scored 20+. Which apparently isn't good.
  14. Daddy Cool

    Were you popular at school?

    I was moderately popular with a medium sized group of friends, but then when I hit 15 I went a bit introverted and quiet (for no obvious reason) and fell off the radar. Intentionally. Kind of recovered a bit at Uni, so things worked out in the end. What about you? (Please don't turn this into...
  15. Daddy Cool

    Dave Cameron

    Our next PM. Good or bad?
  16. Daddy Cool

    Question about Revelation

    Where did it come from and why was it "released" only on vinyl? Is it normal for a bootleg to be released on vinyl in 2010? Surely it must be a lot more expensive making vinyl records than burning a few CDs. And, if the person who put it all together was looking to make money selling them...
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