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  1. beau

    Bona Drag signed LP bundle from Salford Lads Club pop up shop

    How much is 70GBP these days, $50US? $300 is probably less than what it would have cost for me to get one. And a lot of other people. Capitalism is a wonderful thing. Kewpie should try to put a stop to this comic book that originally sold for 7p fetching over 700k...
  2. beau

    Panic Artwork Proof Query

    His stuff is real. I know for a fact he bought them through a legitimate source.
  3. beau

    60x40 Ask tour poster value?

    I don't think it's a real tour poster.
  4. beau

    The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead, rare Greek white label advance copy with different sleeve on eBay

    Re: The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead, rare Greek white label advance copy with different sleeve on eBa I don't think calling this a "white label advance copy" is warranted, as it's not a white label and there is no promo wording. Just looks like a variation of the standard lp.
  5. beau

    Selling my rare French 7" 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'

    It worries me that this is listed as "mint" when clearly it is not. "Mint" would be perfect. Rarely does such a thing exist.
  6. beau

    Some incredible Morrissey treasures recently found

    The promos aren't worth much. What you were offered for the 7" and acetate I thought were more than fair. What you're referring to as a "mastering disc" is called an acetate. I have an Everyday Is Like Sunday from Abbey Road. These were made so the parties involved could have something to...
  7. beau

    Signed Autobiography

    The book in question. Photo by original poster from their Twitter acct.
  8. beau

    Some old price lists I found recently

    A trip to my parents meant finding a bunch of paper goods that are over 20 years old. Here are some price lists. Prepare for some reverse sticker shock. GBP GBP AUD AUD
  9. beau

    I need history on this, can't find on internet

    Stephane is right (no surprise there). You'd see these Hatful box sets in record stores in the late '80s/early /90s. Strange to see that much stuff within 30 mins of my house and I not knowing the owner.
  10. beau

    Extremely Rare Morrissey/Smiths Items for sale (including HIG negative sleeve)

    Re: Extremely Rare Morrissey/Smiths Items for sale (including HIG negative sleeve...) Tom is a good friend of mine.
  11. beau

    Morrissey records in Tokyo

    The problem with buying second hand Morrissey releases in Japan is that they throw their obi strips away.
  12. beau

    Morrissey CD digipack versions

    There's some incorrect nomenclature being used here. A Digipak is a cardboard case with a plastic tray glued to it. US titles like My Love Life and Tomorrow came in these, as well as the UK singles for Maladjusted. Titles like the US Boxers and Now My Heart Is Full came an FLP cases, or...
  13. beau

    Morrissey, flogging off his gold discs?

    He probably gave it to someone 25 years ago.
  14. beau

    Is this autograph authentic?

    I personally noticed this in the late '90s when I bought a bunch of them from the collection of Jo Slee, then saw one on the wall at Record & Tape Exchange at Notting Hill Gate.
  15. beau

    Is this autograph authentic?

    He signed a stack of QID lp's for promotion back during its release. Pop out the sleeve and see if there is some gold highlighter marks on the back of the sleeve. These were signed and then stacked together, and the ink hadn't dried completely, leaving some residue.
  16. beau

    smiths white label

    If it's a red label 7" then it's not very rare, if it's a white label 7"/12" then it's quite rare.
  17. beau

    San Diego (Feb. 27) and San Francisco (Mar. 9) dates added -

    Re: San Diego and San Francisco dates added... Regency Ballroom capacity 4,000 Warfield capacity 2,250 Fillmore capacity 1,250
  18. beau

    show worn shirt

    I have seen them for sale but they're always asking too much. Someone on here tried for months to sell his YSL jacket he threw out in Tel Aviv, for example.
  19. beau

    Sealed CDs: Better with stickers or not?

    Whenever I buy a cd to play that has a sticker on the shrink, I cut it out and stick it in the booklet. If it's in these newer cardboard sleeve cases, I just slit the shrink at the opening and pull the cd out, leaving the shrink intact. Japan has some great stickers on their shrinkwrap...
  20. beau

    Purchasing Vinyl Internationally?

    Everyone is different. You have to specify how you want the records packaged to the seller. I've had a collector in France mail me Smiths lps in a padded envelope, then act completely surprised when I was upset about the shoddy packaging job. The Brits typically use a thin cardboard...
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