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  1. sistasheila

    no private messages anymore?

    its been a while since i ve been here for longer than a Minute and i didnt pm- ed in a Long time. i couldnt find any possibilty to sent a private message to a certain member , "conversations " tool seem to viewed by others?
  2. sistasheila

    sig needed:Plea to german party conc. animal rights

    for germans .So anybody german or living in germany . please sign in here. "SPD" has promised before the election to change significant things concering animal rights esp conc factory farming. now after the...
  3. sistasheila

    Kraftclub refers to Morrissey in their song "No Lovesong"

    german band kraftclub refers to moz in a song "no lovesong". So sitz ich hier, mit Stift und Papier. Alleine. Nichts funktioniert. Was ich schreibe ist scheiße. Banaler, austauschbarer Müll. Morrissey hat schon alles gesagt was ich sagen will. Und er redet Englisch und kennt dich nicht mal...
  4. sistasheila

    Morrissey interview in Diverta-se (Brazil)

    another interview emerged -from another BRAZILIAN newspaper thanks to julie and meg Morrissey defende o poder das pessoas e ataca os políticos, a família real inglesa e a imprensa - Diverta-se Translation via Google thanks to Meg's wonderful FB page: "Mozzerians of the world, unite and take...
  5. sistasheila

    a christmoz carol

    a christmoz carol+mozzchandise the yearly tradition of pulling out "christmoz carol" dickens`s story rewritten by a fanzine writer* in the 90ties *A.Gillespie from Arty Bloody Farty* rewrote the famous story starring moz and a few other famillar faces. also a few moz inspired presents, the...
  6. sistasheila

    whats behind these" xx is on a distinguished road" at the userprofiles?

    is there some kind of meaning? like : who got an infraction or not?thanks.
  7. sistasheila

    smiths article in the upcoming NME?

    found today on letting the intern searching "rare" facts out at the internet...i wont be buying it as english music mags are terribly overpriced here and plus i have to pay money for the subway for travel to one of the few newagents in this...
  8. sistasheila

    kim gordon+thurston moore divorce , sonic youth future uncertain

    one of my fave bands. saw them first 1998 .the last date i saw was when they performed the entire daydream nation album i hope they do keep on making muwsic they are quite a lot of bandsmembers who split up but did continue making music: moloko, rilo kiley etc...
  9. sistasheila

    win vegas tixs on janice long's show September 6-8th: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Morrissey Concert Ticket Giveaway Here's your chance to beat the box office and win tickets to Morrissey at The Cosmopolitan before they go on sale this Friday. Morrissey plays...
  10. sistasheila

    come back to camden full video?

    please someone who has recorded it (the full version)upload it to youtube please? there is a 37 secs nippet an audio download i know.i just cannot imagine nobody recorded it? joefrady has written a beautiful review of that moment on AYNIM in their come back to camden thread.
  11. sistasheila

    copenhagen roll call(+questions)

    so in anyone up for a pub meet up before the gig? or bodega as thats word for it in danish? i have never been to copenhagen and a moz concert is the perfect excuse for me to finally go there.wouldnt have gone though if he had announced berlin the same day, but the berling gig was added later...
  12. sistasheila

    Morrissey photo in Dublin with Harry & Alfie

    found by quiffaa some days ago from her site. See also story on Facebook, link posted by Lori Moz: Harry & Alfie with Morrissey!
  13. sistasheila

    morrissey symposium

    i just found this online and cant find an article in the forums via search-the symposium took place in limerick 2009 over 2 days i onyl found a short article on the main board after it did took place...
  14. sistasheila

    1st Aug ISLE OF MAN ,Douglas Royal Hall

    all newly added dates backed by TTY wow...someone likes to travel there;) have many artists played there on isle of man anyway? or is rather much more common place than i assume for artists to play?
  15. sistasheila

    5th august:eindhoven/netherlands

    thanks to quiffaa all dates backed by TTY HAVE FUN THERE!
  16. sistasheila

    dublin 29th july,vicar!

    thanks to quiffaa for the info all newly added dates backed by TTY of course he doesnt foget an irish date to add to the tour!
  17. sistasheila

    dunoon.hotel/b+B share anyone?(split prices)

    one person paying for a double room happy to split the prices?Im female,dont mind sharing with a male personthough as i did stay in hostels always+they are always mixed.females are prefered but males are just as fine. strangeway bus is booked out .origionally i planned to sleep at a tent but...
  18. sistasheila

    smiths /morrissey songs on piano

    im brand brand new learning piano...i was always fascinated by it of course i wanted to know for those of you who can play the piano..are smiths /morrissey songs difficult?which are easy , which are dificult what makes certain ones difficult? i see some videos up on youtube...
  19. sistasheila

    scandinavian roll call

    im there in copenhagen and aarhus who else? meet up in pub somewhere near the venue? I NEED A CAR LIFT FROM COPENHAGEN TO AARHUS AND CAN PAY YOU HALF OF THE FUEL COSTS. please? copenhagen main stage photo even though i wil...
  20. sistasheila

    i sell one plymouth standing ticket

    under face value or hand it out(which i woudl prefer) before the gig or on any of the other gigs which Igo to.which are all of them except dunfernline and perth, im also in london and glasgow inbetween. correct myself ino post ouits box office collection so its meet up in plymouth and...
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