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  1. cossy

    Three brand new Morrissey songs to be released on 7th December

    Hi FWD I was just on FB there and all three have been shared on a fan group I am in. Unfortunately I am at work so cant listen to them them :( You are right the uploader got them from a friend in OZ who shared them with him from Spotify. Thanks as always cossy
  2. cossy

    Three brand new Morrissey songs to be released on 7th December

    Thanks for the brief review of the 3 songs. No Arthounds lurking there by the sound of things. Also sounds like there are not as strong as Blue Dreamers Eyes which if true is a pity. Appreciate the early review
  3. cossy

    Damien Dempsey and Moz duet

    I first came across Damien Dempsey when he opened for Moz in Dublin in 2004 as Moz was launching You are the Quarry . Unfortunately it will be remembered for Alains last appearence in the live Morrissey band . But Damien Dempsey really blew me away. I was unaware of him and yet he came from my...
  4. cossy

    South America tour postponed due to food poisoning

    South American Tour Cancelled??? :sick: Food poisoning or hoax? Nothing on TTY
  5. cossy

    Niagara Falls, NY - Rapids Theatre (Oct. 19, 2012) post-show

    Anyone know is this the first time he has played Sweet and Tender Hooligan live since Wolverhamton 88?
  6. cossy

    Niagara Falls, NY - Rapids Theatre (Oct. 19, 2012) post-show

    Sorry I saw this on twitter Kelly ‏@kworku31 brother just called me from New York to let me listen to Morrissey's live performance of Big Mouth Strikes Again! # still pretty happy with Sweet and tender hooligans
  7. cossy

    Niagara Falls, NY - Rapids Theatre (Oct. 19, 2012) post-show

    According to twitter BIGMOUTH was played tonight cossy
  8. cossy

    Rare Morrissey Interview 1987

    On a show called Network. Hadnt seen it before . With thanks to the original uploader cossy
  9. cossy

    South with Morrissey - Documentary

    I remeber back in 2000 I sent a cheque to the film maker a Barry Devonshire for 10STG for the DVD which I believe was to run for around 30 mins. I received the cheque back a month later saying that Mozzers lawyers had blocked its release. Surprised it never surfaced at this stage
  10. cossy

    "Studio in Session" recorded in July 2011 in-flight, on Canadian Super Channel

    Thanks for the info. The songs were recorded in Temple Lane in between Moz dates in Dublin on Sat 30th July. It was rumoured at the time it would be broadcast around Xmas on MTV.
  11. cossy

    The Smiths - Glastonbury 1984

    Short Mozzer clip before going onstage at Glasto
  12. cossy

    Short Morrissey interview at Glastonbury 1984

    With thanks to the orginal uploader here is a short clip of Morrissey being interviewed before The Smiths gig at Glasto Its short and quality isnt great but I had never seen it cossy
  13. cossy

    Morrissey on Norwegian TV 2002

    Had not seen this in a long time. 10 years ago. Some great quotes "Johnny Angie and I made the Smiths" The other 2 Smiths did not want to join. Johnny made them join:lbf: Cannot embed but here is link
  14. cossy

    REQUEST: Janice Long 2008

    Here you go mate cossy
  15. cossy

    Wolverhampton Civic Hall VIDEO 22 Dec 88

    Definitly exists but I could not afford the price asked......
  16. cossy

    Salford Lad documentary - part 2

    Here is where i got it Mal cossy
  17. cossy

    Morrissey NME libel case latest

    Re: NME Rascism slur case No Great surprise. I do think Moz made a massive mistake getting rid of Merck. He used to come onto this site to defend Moz and to my mind was a great manager through Quarry and Ringleader. Who...
  18. cossy

    Morrissey - "Nightline" radio interview, 1984

    Re: Rare 1984 Morrissey Radio Interview Sorry it has already been posted by Amy. Mod do your thing please
  19. cossy

    Morrissey - "Nightline" radio interview, 1984

    Rare 1984 Morrissey Radio Interview Forgive if its been posted already I had never heard it
  20. cossy

    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    There is somebody here who will take a hatchet to your ear
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