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  1. billybu69

    Bradford-Bright Hours

    A new album from once Morrissey favourite and writers of Skin Storm, has just been released, after two original members, and Steven Street got together to reform the Band Bradford. Only played through once so maybe a bit premature in saying I like Bright Hours.
  2. billybu69

    Signed, All The Young People 7"

    Up on Ebay a signed copy of All The Young People, that was sold on the merch stand at North America Tour Last year. Didn't know these where out there wonder how many, was anything signed on tours this year...
  3. billybu69

    Bowie discusses Morrissey leaving the Outside tour (1995)

    Bowie news today, post an Interview with David Bowie discussing Morrissey leaving the outside tour.
  4. billybu69

    Wanted Lover To Be

    Anyone got a spare, working on RSD and missed out? Please PM
  5. billybu69

    eBay prices signed Smiths

    Who else watched the sale of Smiths signed items on Ebay tonight? prices mental.
  6. billybu69

    Cost of cancelation?

    How much does it cost to cancel something like the Castlefield shows? Who pays? has the promoter got to pay for hiring the venue, travel, security, gear hire etc? Is it all insured? or has Moz had to stump up? doubt that.
  7. billybu69

    Slow Castlefield ticket sales why

    It's not so long ago an event like the Castlefield show would have sold out in minutes, an outdoor show of 8000 in the centre of Manchester, in the middle of summer who wouldn't want to be there? People have been commenting on the reason so lets put it to a poll.
  8. billybu69

    The drinking classes of Leeds

    So where will the drinkers be heading for a pre gig tipple in Leeds?
  9. billybu69

    Overpriced Items Part 2

    Used to enjoy this thread don't know why we lost it. Anyway here's a new one. To start us off in our list of the ludicrously priced.
  10. billybu69

    Record store day Black Friday 2017

    Very disappointing this year, so a redundant thread RSD seems to be getting weaker by the year.
  11. billybu69

    "The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue full track listings and details - SuperDeluxeEdition

    The site super deluxe edition, have this extra info.... A five-LP box set (good value in the UK at £57) includes all the audio listed above, and a two-CD edition pairs the remaster with the bonus disc of demos etc. Five LP vinyl release, with 2 cds sounds nice. The Smiths / The Queen is Dead...
  12. billybu69

    Under the microscope

    My son got a digital microscope for christmas, and after playing with it for a while I came up with an idea for a quiz/ bit of fun. I'll post a pic of a Morrissey/ Smiths related item and you lot can post answers as to what, where, whatever you think it is?
  13. C

    "Very Best Of" album cover recreation in Kalle Mattson "Avalanche" video

    pretty neat recreation of the "Very Best Of" vinyl cover (at 2:55, billybu69 also adds "This Charming Man" at 2:38) amongst some other badass albums! Only caught about 17 of the albums though... can anyone get more? Kalle Mattson - "Avalanche" (Official Video)...
  14. Harsh Truth

    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    Morrissey UK dates - 2 July 2015 Morrissey has confirmed the following shows in the UK: HULL Arena (Friday 18 September) LONDON EVENTIM APOLLO (Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September) Tickets go on sale at 9 AM on Friday 10 July. Photograph by Damon Anacreonte.
  15. Belligerent Ghoul

    Article: Smiths walk to kick off Shelagh Delaney Day celebrations in Salford (Nov. 22, 2014) - Manch

    Smiths walk to kick off Shelagh Delaney Day celebrations in Salford - Manchester Evening News By Katie Fitzpatrick A Smiths walk, art exhibitions, poetry reading and theatre performances are among the events being held to celebrate the first Shelagh Delaney Day. A 90-minute guided tour...
  16. billybu69

    The Wedding Present Complete Collection

    I received The Wedding Present Re-issue of George Best yesterday, and i'm thrilled by it's quality. If only Moz could re-issuue like this, 3 cd's of live recordings from correct era demo's or rare tracks plus a DVD of promotional material from the correct period, in a hardback book format. It's...
  17. billybu69

    Don't feel bad dl'ing the album early

    Hi Thank you for your order of the new Morrissey album ‘Word Peace Is None Of Your Business’ on Vinyl LP through the UK Morrissey Store. Unfortunately we have been informed by Morrissey’s label that the Vinyl LP format has been slightly delayed. Please accept our apologies for this...
  18. A

    Heaven Sent Us Louis Van Gaal

    An anonymous person sends the link:
  19. billybu69

    Record store day 2014

    What do we fancy? Boz Boorer (Morrissey/The Polecats) - Comic Book Nightmare / Slippery Forces Christopher Chaplin Remix (Downtown Sound) 7" numbered, purple vinyl. Strictly limited to 500 numbered copies. David Bowie - Rock n Roll Suicide (Parlophone) 7" picture disc Dead Kennedys - Original...
  20. billybu69

    The Smiths Complete mp3 download offer on at amazon £20.49 for 106 tracks. Sounds like a deal to me.
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