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  1. dunya

    2 x Palladium tickets Upper Circle

    Face value - £37.50 each. Prefer collection in person. PM me if interested.
  2. dunya

    Dan Shears - remember this Dan shears at the Garage tomorrow 26th Sept, as support band. Remember his version of Dear God...?
  3. dunya

    Google verdict and consequences for internet?

    From BBC website http:// Google bosses convicted in Italy An Italian court has convicted three Google executives in a trial over a video showing an autistic teenager being bullied. The Google employees were accused of breaking Italian...
  4. dunya

    winter warmth

    How warm do you keep your home in winter? We want to save on bills, but can't decide on how many hours to have the heating on during the day when some people are at home. What setting do you use eg 19' C - 21' C? Would you put the heating on - If it's 5' C (41 F) outside or If it's...
  5. dunya

    Ticketmaster merger??

    From the Independent 9th Oct 09 "The "mega-merger" between Ticketmaster Entertainment and Live Nation was thrown into doubt yesterday when UK regulators blocked the deal on anti-competitive grounds." However, the tone of the report suggests it still may go ahead, with "concessions"...
  6. dunya

    BBC 2 Autumnwatch - Fridays

    For those of you interested in the natural world outside your windows, another series of Autumnwatch. This time it's a Friday night, over two months, with bits on the BBC website too. :):)
  7. dunya

    BRIXTON trouble on Northern Line 19th july

    Suspension reported between Kennington and Morden, mid-afternoon so check your journey plan and allow for extra time. This may be resolved quite quickly, but just to be aware... Check TFL website for details.
  8. dunya

    Good Heavens! or Bloody Hell!

    What do you imagine/believe Heaven or Hell to be? Some see Heaven as a place or reward for virtuous life, others as no-fun. Some see Hell as just punishment for misdemeanours, others as a place where they can do all the "bad" things they like without interference. Do you believe in...
  9. dunya

    geek alert! "fair usage" ISP problems

    I am part of a group who share an "unlimited" internet connection contract. But we have been hit by a "fair usage" policy which is throttling our connection. :( We are heavy users. It seems that increased use of BBCi player and other media watching internet facilities means ISP's can't...
  10. dunya

    Islington Gay Weddings tribunal ruling based on a "fundamental error"

    GAY WEDDING RULING BASED ON AN 'ERROR' ‘Fundamental‘ confusion behind tribunal backing for registrar A TRIBUNAL ruling in favour of Christian registrar Lillian Ladele who refused to “marry” gays was based on a “fundamental error”, an eminent employment law judge said this week. Justice...
  11. dunya

    jean Charles de Menezes verdict

    On Friday The jury at the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes today rejected Scotland Yard's claim that he was lawfully killed as part of an anti-terrorism operation. Banned by the coroner, Sir Michael Wright, from returning a verdict of unlawful killing, the five men and...
  12. dunya

    registrar wins right to refuse gay weddings

    A Registrar won a tribunal decision. Her employers, Islington Council, threatened her with disciplinary action over her request not to officiate at same-sex civil partnerships, due to...
  13. dunya


    Anyone heard this amazing French singer? see you-tube...Camille @ koko :D wish I'd been there.. (Wish she'd got the nod over KY)
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