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  1. Tibby

    After All This Time

    I`m feeling pretty blue at the moment. Blue and empty inside. I feel the time passing by and I`m still here. It`s been better and it`s been much worse but it never goes away. Ever since I became ill I feel like I've never had a moment of peace. My mind is always going on a loop thinking of the...
  2. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'Tired and Useless'

    Thank you for your advice NigelJules. I think having gratitude for something each day is something positive to try to achieve. Thank you for your suggestion. Tibby
  3. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'Tired and Useless'

    Thank you TAT . I will try to keep your advice in mind. Thank you so much for your input. Thanks again, Tibbs
  4. Tibby

    There Must Be Something.......

    What`s wrong with you ? Why don`t you smile more ? I can`t answer those questions : out loud to anyone anyway. I can admit it to myself though. What`s wrong with me ? For one thing I am terribly unhappy. For another I've been feeling horribly lonely lately. I do have my family and believe me I`m...
  5. Tibby

    Tired and Useless

    I`m listening to Morrissey`s song "Lost" right now. Which is exactly how I feel right now. I`m in an awful depression right now. I`m tired all the time and can`t find the motivation to get a whole lot done right now . I mean I try but I think some people might just think I`m being lazy. I hate...
  6. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'On the occasion of surviving a year on Morrissey Solo'

    Robby is right TAT you are one of the good ones here on Moz solo. Thank you for your kindness.
  7. Tibby

    I`m So Sick And Tired

    I've been having sleepless nights. Nights are the worst for me. My mind races and goes through every worse case scenario. I hate when it starts to get dark now. It used to be quite the opposite. I used to wait for the night to come. I used to get a lot of things done. I also used to wait for...
  8. Tibby

    Maybe This Year

    I've been like this for years now. Ill that is. When I was first treated for mental illness I was treated for depression and anxiety. Now my diagnosis is bipolar 2 with panic disorder. I feel my depression more than hypomania. I've read a lot of people with bipolar 2 are also that way. I've...
  9. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'Disorder'

    Thanks S. I think I'll have to give that exercise a try. It`s funny that you mention meditation. My younger sister and I were just talking about it yesterday in regards to my insomnia. Thanks again for your suggestions S.
  10. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'Still I Cling'

    Thank you S. I never really thought of myself as being a strong person so thanks for saying that. :) :)
  11. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'Still I Cling'

    Thank you for saying that Try Anything Twice. :):)
  12. Tibby

    Still I Cling

    I don`t remember the exact time I discovered this thing. This thing that made me feel better. This thing that brought me this strange form of relief. Even I know it`s a strange thing to do to yourself. It`s also weird that doing that to yourself takes you (temporarily) away from what`s going on...
  13. Tibby


    I 've had trouble sleeping for a long time now. I have probably written before that I can`t sleep without the help of meds. I have racing thoughts and they seem to get worse at night. During the day there are distractions. Like errands I have to run and household things that need to get done...
  14. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'The Scars Still Linger'

    Yeah I think you're right Robby. Maybe I should let my scars remind me of what I shouldn't do. My first psychiatrist told me one day I would have to face my feelings rather than just handling them in a self destructive ways. Thanks for your comments Robby. :):)
  15. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'The Scars Still Linger'

    Thank you so much :) :)
  16. Tibby

    The Scars Still Linger

    It`s been a few years now since I last self injured. I still wear the marks it left. The scars are still there reminding me of what I did to myself. All the time I dragged the razor or scissors or a jagged piece of broken glass across my arm or the times I used cigarette lighters to burn myself...
  17. Tibby

    Life Is Crazy

    This week has been difficult. I could barely drag myself out of bed yesterday. I just didn`t have the will to get up and face another day. In fact getting by day by day is really difficult for me. Just simple everyday things feel like a monumental tasks for me. I`m always so tired and have no...
  18. Tibby

    Comment by 'Tibby' in 'I`m Not Happy And I Am Sad'

    Thanks No1uno. I am trying to hang on.
  19. Tibby

    I`m Not Happy And I Am Sad

    I feel numb. I`m not sure if it`s the meds or not. I feel empty inside. I don`t seem capable of much these days. I look in the mirror and all I see is emptiness in my eyes. My body feels exhausted all the time. This illness takes so much from me. I don`t see my purpose in life. I don`t feel...
  20. Tibby

    Release Me

    My week didn`t start out so well. I started the new med my psychiatrist prescribed to me last week and it didn`t agree with me. It made me sick to my stomach. I won`t be taking that again. When I saw him last week he also prescribed something that would help my anxiety during the day. I took it...
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