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    Butcher Boy

    They've been recording their 3rd album, at long last! recording sessions Lots of recording updates and videos posted on their twitter page (ButcherBoyMusic). Any other info anyone? (Reactordie?)
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    Happy Birthday, CharlieFairhead

    Happy Birthday! "Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you have not committed." Ha, enjoy your day! :thumb:
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    Crayon Fields October 2010 Tour

    Crayon Fields October 2010 US Tour Come support indie-popsters Crayon Fields, all the way from Melbourne, Australia! MONDAY – OCTOBER 11 SAN DIEGO SODA BAR with HEAVY HAWAII and SCRUFFLES TUESDAY – OCTOBER 12 MUDDY WATERS SANTA BARBARA...
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    The Coral

    Any fans? They're working on a new album. I really loved their last album, 'Roots and Echoes'. As I listened to them last night, I wondered how well Johnny would have fit in with the band, especially since Bill Ryder-Jones left.
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    1900's Any Fans?

    I've been listening to them a lot again recently. Should be on the songs obsessed thread. Their best songs are not on myspace, but one of my favorites on there is 'Collections', which has a great bass line and is just full of great harmonies and overall musicall goodness...
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    YOR Ad on CNN!

    I heard the chorus of 'Throwing My Arms Around Paris' and looked up from my breakfast to see an ad for YOR on CNN's Headline News! They showed the album cover, part of the video, and the announcer named off several tracks from the album, ending with "Sound familiar? Only he's a little older...
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    The Last Shadow Puppets

    I'm not a big Artic Monkeys fan, but I absolutely love this side project. Any fans? The new single coming out "STANDING NEXT TO ME" is my favorite on the album. Check out the video(s) on their website
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    50th Anniversary Munich Air Disaster Just stumbled across this, maybe some people didn't remember exactly when this occurred.
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    British Sea Power - North American tour

    Calling all North American fans. If you've read about their notorious live gigs, now's your chance to see them. I'll FINALLY get to see them in San Diego. The Casbah doesn't provide much room for their stage antics though! Intimate nonetheless! 25/02/08 San Diego - Casbah 27/02/08 Los...
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    Modest Mouse - The Wiltern, The Grove shows

    For those interested in Johnny Marr, did anyone go to tonight's show, or plan on seeing the upcoming shows in L.A. (or elsewhere.) Please post your gig review.
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