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  1. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Wild Beasts

    I think I may be in love. Have a listen: Hayden Thorpe's falsetto is otherworldly.
  2. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    The Public Image?

    "When I'm dead, it will be read: 'Here Lies the Public Image'" How do you think media coverage of Morrissey, his presentation of himself, and his musical output, has changed and shaped perceptions of him as an artist and as a public figure over the last 27 years? After all, everything the...
  3. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    The God Squad- Religion obsessives and philosophical types unite!

    This is the place to discuss various aspects of religion, philosophy and ethics, and express interest in these areas. I for one am fascinated by these topics, particularly the ritualistic and symbolic aspects of religion. Debates are warmly welcomed! Thanks to Jackie London for the idea. :)
  4. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Favourite lyric on each Morrissey album

    ...including Bona Drag, Swords etc. (Idea nicked from MyDoppelganger's thread) You know the drill. :)
  5. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Happy birthday Franzanna!

    Have a great day. :)
  6. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Ambiguous lyrics, and your interpretations

    There are several threads like this probably, so shoot me if you like. :p What do you think are Morrissey's most ambiguous lyrics, and what would your interpretation of said lyrics be? I think that ambiguity is one of the greatest strengths and most interesting elements of Morrissey's work...
  7. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    'I Keep Mine Hidden'

    I am ashamed to say I'd never heard this track before today, but I just listened on YouTube and it's fantastic. Does anyone have a download link to IKMH? I'd also love to find a good-quality download of Moz singing it live if possible. Thanks in advance. :)
  8. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Survival Game- Meat Is Murder

    NB: Rules copied and pasted from Neader's thread. How to play a survival game: Everything starts off with 10. In this case they will be songs on Meat Is Murder. With every post you can take away a point from a song and then add a point to another song. You MUST copy and paste all the songs and...
  9. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    The Technical/Computer advice thread

    A thread for those who are clueless about computer/technical stuff (like me) to ask questions or for advice. :thumb: My question: Does anyone know of a good, free programme that will convert video files (downloaded from bit torrents etc) and which I can download? It needs to be able to...
  10. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Talent borrows, genius steals- unacknowledged references in Morrissey's work

    As we all know, Morrissey has in the past made a habit of borrowing from or referencing various other works. Some of these have been continuously confirmed: Shelagh Delaney, Oscar Wilde etc. However, I thought I'd start a thread in order for people to post any Morrissey line which they think may...
  11. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Get your quiffs out

    In the sad absence of the 'Morrissey Hair' thread, I decided to start a new one. Post pictures here if you are so inclined- I posted this one in the 'Members pics' thread. Oh, and vote on the poll too. :thumb:
  12. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Your favourite Morrissey moment

    I'm feeling in the mood to sentimentalise and reminisce, and to read others doing so. Post your best, first, most special or favourite moment or period in time "with" Morrissey here. And in true GWTT style, I'll do mine at some unspecified point in the next few days. That's the way I roll. :D
  13. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    British Royalty

    What are your feelings about them? I know there's been a bit of discussion about this issue on the Prince Chaz SLC thread, but I felt like starting a 'proper' focused one. Personally I feel that the royal family are rather redundant in this day and age, and create a problem in that this system...
  14. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Ideas for Morrissey birthday card

    One of my very good friends is a Moz fan, and her birthday is coming up. Whilst I don't have too much money to spend on presents, I am thinking of homemaking her a Morrissey card- a picture, quote, or something similar. So, apologies for being terribly unoriginal and uncreative, but does anyone...
  15. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    What other lyric describes you today?

    "I'm stifled tonight, which is fine- I've done it before, and I'll do it again" Maximo Park- 'The Kids Are Sick Again'
  16. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Weird Phobias

    Go on...
  17. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Scummiest Part of your town/city

    Or your least favourite/most disliked in any case. Anglia Square in Norwich ("the town within a town") is...not very nice. A quote about it from the 'Worst Things' section on "Anglia Square. Or Anglia Scare as it is known locally. Can;t believe it has not been...
  18. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Your ideal Moz photoshoot

    Inspired by Julie's question on the frink, and opened up to non-frinkers. :) If you were a photographer who was given the opportunity to photograph Morrissey for a magazine spread, and you were given full creative freedom, what would the photos be like? Here's my ideas (copy and pasted)...
  19. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Do you love Morrissey? (Mark 2)

    Before anyone leaps on me (so to speak), I know there has been a thread exactly like this before, and I've read it thoroughly many times, but I thought I'd start another one just out of interest. So: Do you love Morrissey? Vote on the poll if you like and then share your responses and reasons...
  20. Girl-with-the-Thorn

    Pearls Before Swine- The wit and wisdom of Solo 2009

    Anyone care to nominate their favourite Solo posts/quips/jokes of the year? :p
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