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    Break up songs

    A friend of mine recently had a very bad break up and I told him to listen to these two songs , a lot.I was thinking of other great break up or bitter post relationship songs. What are some of your favorites? Pulp - You're a Nightmare And this is a crappy version, live and without...
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    Galaxie 500 / Luna / Dean & Britta

    I think Dean Wareham is a highly under rated musician.He has consistently been making wonderful music for over two decades now.I think he deserves a thread, any other fans ? Galaxie 500 OjEOJqN3wVY&feature=related Luna Dean & Britta Kv1KpSAT7dc&feature=related
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    Download Jarvis' new single 'Angela' for free today

    From Jarvis Cocker's myspace :
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    Mix Tape

    The other day, while cleaning out some boxes in my attic, I found some of my old mix tapes.This made me a bit nostalgic for the day of mixed tapes, and so I thought I would make "mix tape" post the songs and put it up for downloading. And maybe others could be inspired to post mix...
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    Saint Etienne

    Any other fans on here? I have been listening again lately to 'Good Humor' I think its a fantastic album, among their finest.Sarah Cracknell has a great voice , in my opinion, and it really comes out on this album and I also think it may have been their finest moment musically. I did...
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    Any other Pavement fans? I miss them,and every year there seems to be some new rumor about them reforming,such a fun band live.Stephen Malkmus has done some quality solo work but I am more partial to his work in Pavement. I have a couple of live recordings I thought I would share...
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    A note from Morrissey on Tour of Refusal (from Myspace)

    "I have survived the interrogation of Atlanta's Immigration officials and Myrtle Beach shall have me tomorrow nite (Friday), and the world from then onwards ... if the world can take it. One of the many penalties of being human is that tours often take a military push to start, well, all of our...
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    Roger Manning (TV Eyes)

    As most know, Roger Manning plays the keyboards on Morrissey's "Years of Refusal" (which I enjoy). I have been a fan of a few of his bands, like Jellyfish and TV Eyes. TV Eyes are somewhat a synth pop group.they have one release which was only really released in japan,so I thought I would...
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    "Soy is making kids gay " I found this on this site : bunch of nutjobs... :D
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    "Twee as f***"

    Inspired by the pitchfork article a few years ago about twee,and as i love twee... Twee as f*** television personalities - the angry silence talulah gosh- beatnik boy tiger trap - my broken heart rocketship - i love you like i used to magnetic fields - 100,000 fireflies...
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    Gun Control

    question. should citizens have the right to posses firearms? should there be less strict laws, or should they be stricter? from the 2nd amendment: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be...
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    your favorite cover

    many songs by many artists have been covered over the years.sometimes a cover outshines the original. what would you say re some of your favorite covers? I think this is my all time favorite cover the sundays - wild horses (originally by the rolling stones)
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    Capital Punishment

    What are your feelings on capital punishment? Barbaric and unjust? an eye for an eye? It costs more to hold a prisoner on death row than it does to hold a prisoner for a life sentence.Would your opinion change on the matter if capital punishment was more cost efficient? If you are for...
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    Amish name generator!

    unelectrify yourself! get your Amish name! my Amish name is Matthew Stoltzfus.
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    Happy birthday Dow Jones!

    and my gift for you: [/spoiler]
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    You're the one for me fatty

    here,no one has to be offened anymore. it is gone.
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    Catholic Campus Priest Accused of Dealing Coke
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    Do you think homosexuality is genetic or chosen?

    there is some debate among people,from one side to the other if homosexuality is genetic or chosen. are people taught? is it genetic?
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    Are alien autopsy photos obscene ?

    yes? no? what about alien birth photos?
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