1. Robin Eaglewood

    Signed items

  2. STLSmithsMozFan84

    Ultimate Smiths collection for the walls in my house

    Hey so I'm looking at starting to buy a complete collection of Smiths and Moz albums/cds/etc to frame and put on the walls of my house. If anyone has any that's signed by the whole band (already framed or just the album/cd) just shoot me a pic of it and a price please!
  3. M

    Johnny Marr Autographed 1987 Australian 12" Vinyl 'ASK'

    Hey, everyone. Long time Smiths/Morrissey/Marr fan here. I recently had the good fortune of meeting Johnny on his US tour. We talked a while and I had him sign a couple albums for me. I'm not a fan of selling off pieces of my collection (in fact this would be the first item I've sold), but...
  4. G

    Your Favorite Morrissey Souvenir

    I tend to think of owning a piece of Morrissey's shirt as being one of the major accomplishments for a fan. Catching a Moz-worn shirt, holding on to it and coming away with at least a small portion of it seems like an impressive feat to me. I know the piece I have is one of my favorite...
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