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    "Tales of The Smiths" graphic novel biography by Con Chrisoulis is released (Mar. 22, 2018)

    Just a heads up to the community that I have finally received my 450-page behemoth early copy of TALES OF THE SMITHS - which is now available for pre-order: My graphic novel biography of The Smiths, TALES OF THE SMITHS, which was created and serialised online daily...
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    Tales of The Smiths vs England is Mine?

    My graphic novel biography Tales of The Smiths was published partly in 2011 as a zine and then circulated online DAILY from 2012-2014 and was showcased on MTV and ComicBookResources. The comic was shared DAILY for 3 years on most Smiths-related sites, like Morrissey-Solo, as well as...
  3. A

    Tales of The Smiths graphic novel - video interview of creator

    congrats. super happy for you
  4. Uncleskinny

    Con Chrisoulis of "Tales of The Smiths" interviewed for MTV Greece

    Absolutely fantastic. Well done, may your art continue! P
  5. conchrisoulis

    MTV - TALES OF THE SMITHS graphic novel interview

    If you are in Athens, Greece (or in South East Europe) you can watch an exclusive interview today at 5pm that I just gave to MTV for my daily comic book biography on the early unknown years of Morrissey, Johnny and The Smiths. Click HERE for more info
  6. conchrisoulis

    Tales of The Smiths Season 2

    The wait is over! The below cover depicting Morrissey, Johnny, Andy and Mike, as they would look if they formed The Smiths in 1977, officially heralds Season 2 of Tales of The Smiths, starting this Monday 3rd February, daily at CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COVER
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