1. sistasheila

    New Morrissey Interview in German musicmag "Spex"

    scan+translation of the spexinterview to follow soon the next days the teaser-one sentence-intro written on their site "Spex talks to Morrissey in the Londoner five-Stars-Hotel Claridge’s . Moz ,dressed in black, constantly smiling, drinking tea,asking the interviewer": »Would you care to join...
  2. sistasheila

    Moz interview in Musikexpress(+12 side spread) special

    EDIT:Scan+Translation there now A new interview -(here are a few snippets I remember) can somebody scan it? I only had a glimpse in it at a shop. And someone also do a full translation of the interview then? (if nobody has a scanner then somebody could write down the interview then? Interview...
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