1. roky

    Photos for Ray.Tulsa, Ok...

    My wife, and our two friends drove from SC, (18 hours) to this show. No photos are from inside. But you might be in some of these.. We were in line at 10:00 AM. I hope you enjoy... This is me Me and my wife...
  2. D

    Help me think of a new password! I keep getting hacked?

    I am hacked and I need to change my password so they can't do it any more. Lots of recent posts were NOT posted by me. If you have questions, ask me.
  3. iamkali

    Chat Passwords

    My forum password is different from my chat password. Let's all not get our knickers in a twist. ;) How does one change the chat password if it differs from your forum password? Thanks.
  4. the beast

    Baby P

    i can't recall i more a more sickening and heartbreaking tragedy to emerge in my lifetime. the very image of his poor little face is giving me sleepless nights. i can't imagine what this little guy went through at the hands of these animals. when it was on the news last week i had to go out so...
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