1. sistasheila

    Moz interview in Musikexpress(+12 side spread) special

    EDIT:Scan+Translation there now A new interview -(here are a few snippets I remember) can somebody scan it? I only had a glimpse in it at a shop. And someone also do a full translation of the interview then? (if nobody has a scanner then somebody could write down the interview then? Interview...
  2. maynardmorrissey

    Morrissey in German Rolling Stone

    A lotta Mozza in new German Rolling Stone: *Interview with Moz *YOR Review (3,5/5) *Smiths Singles Box Review (4,5/5) Sadly I have no scanner. Maybe anyone else could scan it...?
  3. sistasheila

    A lot of MOZ Interviews which have not been online yet...

    rare british/american interviews,from the smiths days-today:beginning w. INTerviews. f.,95, 83 , 2004 who have NOT found a way inside til 2009 +comtesse`s ( ca til 2001) archive yet lots of indepth ones who are worth of see thelight of day...
  4. milli

    Morrissey in german magazine "Spiegel"

    here is the scan....:)
  5. M

    Great lot of MORRISSEY interviews, reviews and rare magazine pics + RARE postcard

    Great lot of MORRISSEY interviews, reviews and rare magazine pics for sale on eBay!! 1) Q Magazine (UK), September 1992. Interview by Adrian Deevoy. Pictures (by Hugo Dixon) on location in Paris outside a sex shop!!! Morrissey discusses hooliganism, racism, Vic Reeves, Top Of The Pops...
  6. MozSmith1

    Moz in Maxim

    Has anyone seen the little 24 hrs to live spot light with Moz. Haven't seen it yet but I'm sure someone here gets Maxim...
  7. D

    Morrissey on Wossy 13th Feb

    Morrissey is booked for the Jonathan Ross show early March. Jonathan also went to see Doll and the Kicks tonight. He liked them.
  8. Alma.Anima

    Filter Magazine Interview

    Morrissey Exclusive: Calling it Quits? by Staff; Photo by Michael Muller | 01.12.2009 In a recent interview with Filter magazine, Morrissey talked about his music, his life, the new record (Years of Refusal, February 17), and as you will find below, the prospect of quitting the biz. Here’s...
  9. Randy Darling

    Martha Wainwright loves Morrissey

    I was just browsing through the net in the last few lazy hours before college and came across an old (2006) interview with Martha Wainwright by Tom Robinson on BBC6. Martha turns out to be a big fan of Moz and Robinson recounts his encounter with the man himself years ago. Here`s the link to...
  10. mozmal

    Classic Morrissey Interviews

    Having gained access to an A3 scanner at work, it would be downright nasty not to upload some more interviews for you all. So here, from way back in February, 1989 is a rather nice interview with our lad from Manchester. More to follow. Enjoy. NME 18th February, 1989.
  11. T

    Moz in Big Issue - Repeat!

    Have just bought this week's Big Issue, with Moz on the cover (Headline - "Don't buy my new DVD" Morrissey Speaks Out - As Usual). In spite of the fact that it claims he has "refused to do any gigs" and states that it was Moz himself who delayed YORefusal, its acually just a rehash of the Hot...
  12. davdavon

    Morrissey interview with Gal Uchovsky

    Published last weekend in Time Out Tel Aviv. Like the Ashkenazi piece, this is more of a memoir than an interview. Translated by me. Notes in square brackets added by me. This is long. THIS CHARMING MAN Gal Uchovsky The door opens. Into the suite in the luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental Hyde...
  13. mozzette

    Boz Interview

    At if anyones interested... On the new Morrisey album 'Years Of Refusal' I take it that it is two tracks that you have written together? (Black Cloud and Football Giveaway) Football Giveaway? Where did you get that title? Damn Wikipedia! That's...
  14. TuQui

    Morrissey interview by Lior Ashkenazi (pics)

    On 'Yediot Ahronot' (Israeli newspaper) today:cool: I scanned only the pics but I will scan the whole interview if you want (in Hebrew of course:p)
  15. M

    Transcription/discussion of the Hot Press article (not the photo!)

    Anyone able to properly transcribe? I know it was done in bits on the other thread. Can we discuss some of Morrissey's comments in this thread? The other one is full of pictures of nude men so a bit tricky to look at in the office! Here are some interesting points I gleaned; Moz had...
  16. sistasheila

    Non-english Moz/Smiths interviews/articles (some are translated, some not)

    I`ve some in japanese,german,dutch etc.most of them are translated now!1st one is a italian interview (not a tranlated one from a british mag-i assume by going through it) where english translation is needed for those who do not speak italian... the french inrock articles are very intersting...
  17. I

    Uncut magazine, May 2008 edition. Morrissey/Bowie content.

    THE TOP 30 SONGS OF DAVID BOWIE A stellar crew cherry-pick the Dame’s greatest tracks, with contributions from Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Morrissey, Alex Turner, Dave Grohl, Ricky Gervais and more...
  18. virtually dead

    Morrissey on BBC Radio 2?

    Russell Brand says he's coming to his show, he's on the 4th floor apparently, but it might not be true Someone called 'Marrrk' told me about it. you can listen and see if it's true on the bbc website
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