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  1. J

    Looking to buy James Dean T-shirt

    looking to buy this tshirt in a size small
  2. M

    James Dean is not dead 1983 first edition for sale Babylon books amazing condition

    Hey there, I have a first edition Babylon books 1983 copy of the Morrissey authored James Dean is not Dead. Book is in near mint condition having been kept carefully stored away flat and away from light. A slew of bills means I am reluctantly selling it. I'm assuming most fans will know...
  3. Uncleskinny

    The Smiths go to the Movies

    That is realy quite excellent. Congratulations on a cracking piece of work. P.
  4. V

    James Dean Is Not Dead on Ebay

    there's more to life than this book you know http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260733676564&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  5. M

    Another sad story

    I can’t believe what you said to me Last night when we were alone You threw your hands up Baby you gave up, you gave up I can’t believe how you looked at me With your James Dean glossy eyes In your tight jeans with your long hair And your cigarette stained lies Could we fix you if...
  6. ADAM

    James Dean’s high school faces demolition

    http://www.indystar.com/article/20090407/LOCAL/90407039 This is a call to arms, my friends. We need to form a human shield and, literally, throw our arms around Fairmount High School. I will stare down the bulldozer. Will you? Also, please note, you can protest and you can frink, but you gotta...
  7. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    The Official James Dean [Legend] Frink Thread <333

    This Is The Official Frink Thread For The Legendary Actor / Idol / Icon / God, James Byron Dean <333
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