1. bobalmighty

    Handsome ginger guy who sang Nico with me

    Yes this is probably silly, and desperate and pointless. But oh well. To the guy who I commended on singing Nico with me yesterday, in the Morrissey birthday gig shirt. I would have said more to you, but I was too shy... Get in touch...
  2. D

    Normal / expected Moz references

  3. C

    Morrissey's girlfriend

    Morrissey has a girlfriend. Yes, it's true.
  4. Queeninacoma

    Mike Rourke and Andy Joyce

    Is it just me or are the other two in the Smiths under appreciated? I just think they deserve more recognition and respect than what they've got.
  5. T

    Jane Austen's Fight Club

    “Ladies…Welcome to Fight Club.” [It is a truth universally acknowledged that you do not talk about Jane Austen fight club.]
  6. Uncleskinny

    Bloody Great

    Looks like the osteoporosis has just struck. I think I've broken my ankle. Awaiting ambulance. Great. Peter
  7. sistasheila

    LOL Mozzer Thread

    since the old lol mozzer thread is archived here a new with funny tags etc here is the legendary, now archived one LOLMozzer: so up for a new round or a revive of the thread from the archive... . i wanted to post sth...
  8. Jukebox Jury

    Morrissey question on ''Weakest Link''

    Just caught the end of BBC1's 'The Weakest Link' quiz show tonight, waiting for the 6pm News. In the final, a bloke got a question as follows: Ann Robinson: ''Which singer had a 2008 Greatest Hits album with songs such as 'Suedehead', 'That's How People Grow Up' & 'Everyday Is Like...
  9. cornelius blaze

    The new design, for the ’Years of Refusal’ tour T-shirt

    The new design, for the ’Years of Refusal’ tour T-shirt:
  10. mozully

    all things scottish football

    out of bordom I decided to see if there was a thread dedicated to scottish football and couldn't find one so I thought I'd have a go myself. be it spl, 1st division or the national side come and have your say and a bit of banter here. so lets begin. (celtic related) I am the only one who...
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