1. scumbag

    Belt buckle from 2007 tour on Mercari

    There are also two shirts from the 2009 tour, one shirt from the 2007 Greatest Hits tour, and soon there'll be a shirt from the Boxers era (not a replica). Ta!
  2. A

    Viva Hate Flag and Interesting Drug Subway Poster

    I am sadly selling some Morrissey items I've been hanging onto as I am purchasing a home and need some funds! I'd rather sell these to a true Morrissey fan than go through Ebay. The flag has been stored and is in great condition while the subway poster was used and tacked to the wall when I...
  3. Reggie Kray

    True vintage Panic T-shirt for sale

    Hello All I've listed a vintage PANIC shirt on eBay Reach out if there are any offers here... Many Thanks.
  4. Glamorous_Glue

    Merch question

    Are they selling these lapel pins at the current shows? Thanks!
  5. J

    Morrissey signed memorabilia

    hi, i've been looking for signed merchandize from the smiths or Morrisseys solo career but I'm really struggling to find tuff that isn't £300 plus does anyone know the best places to look or anyone who's selling. sorry if this is a common request I'm new to this forum. thanks
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