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  1. TJJ

    The Smiths at reading 2019

    hi all smiths and morrissey fans ! I’ve created a petition to get the smiths to play at reading 2019 or at least morrissey ! If you could just take a little bit out of your time to sign it would make my day. I’ve always wanted to see Morrissey live and I’ve never had a chance so if this would...
  2. D

    Infamous Morrissey in San Antonio, TX 2011 Footage Re-Uploaded

    I am happy to report that the Infamous San Antonio footage has been re-uploaded w/ remastered audio to YouTube by yours truly. enjoy the footage.. again.. And please do visit/subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be adding more Morrissey Live videos soon.. Cheers, Gino -DJ FeLL San...
  3. A

    I am searching for bootlegs

    just wondered if anyone knows where i can find a thank your lucky stars bootleg, or a Manchester area 2012 bootleg, i was at the gig and it was mind blowing managed to hold on to a piece of shirt too.
  4. J

    Morrissey Spinoff & Matt Walker

    Check this out at! An exclusive release from Matt Walker of Morrissey! Just found out he produced this and has been killing it on tour with THE MOZ! Read about these guys:
  5. M

    Review: Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline 20 June 2011

    Following on from my tales of The Smiths' Scottish tour of 1985, I've done a review of last night's gig in Dunfermline.
  6. B

    Best venues to see Morrissey

    I think Morrissey deserves an intimate venue with few people, but then again, how do you satisfy such a massive fanbase with small gigs - he'd be touring consistently if he did that.... so... Where do you think he has played at his best...... and..... Where would you like him to play (no...
  7. T

    2xAlbert Hall, 27-10-09, Stalls J, Row 3, Seat 36-37. £80 = Less than face value.

    Hi. I have two tickets to see Morrissey at the Royal Albert Hall on 27th October. The tickets are seated in stalls J, row 3, seats 36 and 37. Sadly I can no longer attend the gig. I'd like £80 for them but make me an offer. Either way it is under the face value so a good bargain. If you...
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