1. ExtraordinaryOrdinariness

    Friday 11/10/2017 - 7:00PM Morrissey Hollywood Bowl

    Hollywood Bowl show now listed on Oh My Rockness
  2. A

    New unseen Morrissey photo by Anton Corbijn

    cool. i just googled imaged his name and mozs and so many great ones i hadnt seen came up. some really really nice work there
  3. D

    2014 European tour setlist

    Hello, does anyone have any idea what the setlist for the gig on the 29th of Nov at the o2 is? Thanks demi
  4. neonmad

    Jonny Marr, San Francisco (Fillmore), Nov. 1

    Johnny Marr, San Francisco (Fillmore), Nov. 1 I have an extra ticket for Friday, $40, general admission...
  5. novemberspawnedamozzer

    November Spawned A Mozzer, Brighton, Friday 18th November 2011

    Your favourite Morrissey & The Smiths extravaganza is back with a vengeance! All your favourite (and non-favourite!) Moz records from DJs Some Girls!:lbf: Live sets from the glorious Smiths Indeed!:guitar: Moz-projections, Moz-bunting, Moz-cakes! ;) Friday 18th November The Komedia...
  6. georgejallen

    Possible promo copy of 'November...'. Confirmation?

    Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I bought a copy of 7" 'November Spawned a Monster' from passionsjustlikemine a while ago, but I've been confused by the sticker on the front of it for quite a while. It reads: "HELENA PENNANT JONES PROMOTIONS April 23rd...
  7. O

    What Morrissey would sing to children

    Boys and Frogs new single "In Dreams" has been compared to Morrissey..... here's the link to the article here's the link to the song "Eveyone has to have fun listening...
  8. novemberspawnedamozzer

    November Spawned a Mozzer competition winners and pictures!

    Thank-you to everyone who came to 20th Nov November Spawned a Mozzer: it was our biggest night yet! We've uploaded some images on our Facebook and Flickr accounts for your delight and delectation. Please take a look, relive some memories and make some comments...
  9. novemberspawnedamozzer

    Photos from Brighton Morrissey & The Smiths tribute night, November Spawned A Mozzer

    Hello We have posted some photos from our recent do (20th November) here: Come and have a peep, and why not join our Facebook Group while you're there? If you're desperate to find out who won the competition, entries have been judged...
  10. novemberspawnedamozzer

    Brighton: Morrissey & The Smiths shindig - November Spawned A Mozzer

    Celebrating our fifth (Unhappy) Birthday! Technicolour Morrissey and The Smiths affair - disco, films, projections, spectacular decoration and delicious Mozcakes :guitar: Friday 20th November 10pm-3am The Loft, 10 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AD £3before 11pm/£5 afterwards You'd be MAD...
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