1. yasyas

    Everyday is like Sunday single cover

    Hi guys I just want to know who took the photos of this single cover, I've made my search and I don't have my own copy so I can't tell for sure
  2. scumbag

    Contest Post your fave photo of Morrissey on my blog

    See my blog for details! Three winners will be selected.
  3. T

    anybody have any tips or advice on how to get a photo pass for the 2011 uk dates?

    hi all. "long time listener, first time caller" ... i will be posting more details about this project in the very near future, but for the time being, i'll keep it short. i am planning on traveling to the uk from boston to follow morrissey on tour this june, and i am putting together a book...
  4. I

    stay on my arm, you little charmer

    hey there, i'm going to be shooting photos for an upcoming coffee table book on the tattoo work of morrissey / the smiths fans around the world. we just heard back that all permissions were granted from morrissey's camp and it's now being shopped to publishers in london. we're currently in...
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