1. H

    He used to be a sweet boy, so what went wrong?

    ^ title
  2. vividandinyourprime

    What does Morrissey mean when he says "die"?

    "Ask me why and I'll die"? I apologize if I sound stupid, this question has been on my mind for a while now. Like die? Literally die? Thanks.
  3. M

    Why does Morrissey hate Thursdays?

    I've been meaning to pose this discussion for awhile - and who knows, it's likely been brought up before, I just haven't looked. "Monday - humiliation / Tuesday - suffocation / Wednesday - condescension / Thursday - is pathetic." "And when the Palmist said: 'One Thursday you will be dead.'"...
  4. chase2209

    The Queen Is Dead green/yellow vinyl?

    I'm by no definition a proper record collector, I don't know much - so bear with me. I've got this The Queen Is Dead vinyl that's bright yellow and green, and funnily enough, all the tracks on side 1 are in the wrong order (it starts with I Know It's Over and ends with Frankly Mr Shankly). I'm...
  5. P

    Morrissey's Mailing Address

    I've got some stuff (the non-fatal kind) to send to Morrissey. Can somebody please send me in the right direction? I know I could ask google, but I'd rather get the information from an anonymous internet stranger.
  6. U

    Need some help answering a question

    If anyone know if this item is authentic, or knows the value please reply it would be greatly appreciated. ,Thank you!
  7. chica

    Is childbirth obscene?

    Personally, I feel that considering childbirth obscene is misogynist. How about you?
  8. PregnantForTheLastTime

    Where do you blog?

    Please don't answer, "on the toilet" or anything like that. I'm writing an article and need to include several blog hosting services. I don't blog and don't want to, so I only know of the one I used to use. What blog service do you use? Thanks to all...
  9. dicartwright

    Imeges we've uploaded

    Ok here's the thing. When i work with images at home I'm watching a very dark monitor. And when I see them in a normal one I see all the flaws. I've uploaded a few banners I'm ashamed of! Who says it doesn't matter what people think? If people think "What was she thinking" it does matter to...
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