1. baby j

    X-mas day death of George Michael - '83 video of George & Morrissey on talk show together

    I found this video of George Michael & Morrissey on British talk show, 8 Days a Week, critiquing Everything But The Girl's new album; the movie Break Dancing; a book on Joy Division; and 50's do-wop record reissues.. #GeorgeMichaelRIP
  2. JennieMisanthrope

    Rest In Peace, Mel

    It's been two years, and it feels like only yesterday. I hope "wherever you are you are, you are singing now."
  3. Paulc

    Thousands dead in Chinese quake A powerful earthquake has killed at least 8,500 people in China's south-western Sichuan province, up to 5,000 of them in just one county. Many more are feared killed and injured in other parts of the country after the 7.8-magnitude...
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