‘Was I the only one that thought’ the TV show Friends was crap


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Was I the only one that thought the popular sit com Friends was crap.
I never found it funny or entertaining.
The Actors and Actress I could never stand.
Well despite my being English, I really enjoyed Friends, and also Frasier. Yes it surprised me too, as I'd always thought American TV was junk, & American humour not humorous at all. Something changed somewhere, either over there, or over here.


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Back in those days I mean, I was always waiting for General Hospital to come on, so I could watch the catty Vanessa. She looks and acts just like someone I knew, who was never my favorite person, but I was fascinated to watch her act.


I find it hard to think of a show that’s aged as poorly as cheers. For a couple of seasons in the middle friends was a three and a half out of five. The first couple of seasons just aren’t funny and the later seasons also lacked jokes and had the characters kinda turn into jerks (yes more than they were at the start). The jokes all became spiteful and all put downs. Chandler Ross and Monica carried the show as far it went. I watched it over and over because I had like three channels in the nineties one being pbs

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I liked Friends, some episodes could be hilarious. Joey in particular.

I can’t watch it now though, it’s too White for me, it’s not realistic. I mean, who has a group of friends like that?

They need to remake it now with a disabled person, an LGTBQ+ person, a trans person, a dwarf, obviously a black person & someone who identifies as a sheep. That is much more representative of the REAL world that we all live in.

And @Breton La Villain , you can’t say actress anymore, it isn’t the done thing. They’re all actors now, don’t you know. Didn’t you get the ‘woke’ memo update last month?
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