Poll After Covid-19 and #BlackLivesMatter will anyone go to a Morrissey gig?

After Covid-19 and #BlackLivesMatter will anyone go to a Morrissey gig?

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Ketamine Sun

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This is just another hateful thread started by the same hateful troll
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that can’t face the reality that Morrissey is a great artist and that he is loved by many.
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Yes of course. Why would black lives matter be a part of this equation?

I had exactly the same reaction. The reason I would go to a Morrissey gig again when offered the opportunity is to hear more songs from IANADOAC, which I think is a great album and has brought me joy in this confinement period. I'd also love to hear his voice again.


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I want a rescheduled Apollo show. Not happening though.
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