Agridoce cover "Please, Please, Please..." on MTV awards Brazil

Daniel writes:

The band Agridoce cover "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" on the MTV awards Brazil. Note the Morrissey t-shirts and glasses in the choir:

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Gee ...... let's be thankful they are still singing Smiths songs after 20 plus years. It is not too bad a version and like King Leer says the Mozzie choir is a nice touch . Hurray to Agridoce for seeing the simple beauty of this song !!


i dont think its too bad.keeps mozz profile high in that part of the i always say,if you can do better lets hear it.


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I think the cover is actually very good but as usual, reading positive comments here on any cover is quite a rare thing to see, so no surprise on that front. It's great to see a video like that on MTV and the t-shirts are really great. Kudos to the band for the good taste.


Don't understand people complaining about this. I've heard covers by people for whom English is a first language and they couldn't do justice to the original vocals do I'm not going to attack a presumably Portuguese speaker for the same. Good to see the smiths profile being raised.


The singer is famous in Brazil, she is not a transsexual, she is from the northeast of Brazil and has a strong accent, but she is a great rock singer and a long-time Morrissey/Smiths fan.

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