Morrissey Central "Alert!" (October 26, 2020)




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It literally looks like he wanted to film women in their underwear & edited it into some concert footage of Morrissey as an excuse.
I wouldn't know. 😉


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I watched it and I think Morrissey looks amazing here. The song wasn't my cup of tea and the 2 ladies seemed completely out of place. A work of SER, not Love.
I genuinely love the song Kiss Me A Lot. A very unpopular opinion amongst many fans, I know. It always reminds me of 60s Eurovision songs and I love the brass section.
Which is why I avoided watching the video. I don't want to associate the song with the terrifyingly stereotypical, hereronormative, voyeuristic efforts of his nephew.

(I know that he looks amazing in it, World Peace Moz was hot as a pistol.)


Nobody's Nothing
I love Kiss Me A Lot. Its an example of how Morrissey can take the bare bones of a song and make it do whatever he wants. There's no one can do a chorus as well as our Morrissey. It might be sleight of hand and a few studio tricks but he knows how to have a singalong.
Yes! And that's why the rather bland lyrics don't even bother me. He manages to set a scene and tone with just a few lines and his voice will do the rest.

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To hell with day 70, to hell with it. Well, he has spoken on new year's eve which is widely accepted as a short interview.

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