Amy Lamé Edinburgh Fringe show :Unhappy Birthday

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"Written and performed by Amy Lamé, directed by Scottee

Welcome to my Unhappy Birthday. My invited guest of honour is the Smiths frontman and cult global superstar Morrissey. Join us around a table set for my ultimate birthday party; a place is reserved for Morrissey …He’s running late…Will he arrive clutching a bunch of flowers and a bottle of plonk? Will he bother to turn up at all? This is an interactive “Scratch” extravaganza with sound, film, social networking, live music, a pop quiz show, lots of snacks…AND YOU! Over 3 nights we will be “scratching” 30 minutes of material; catch all three and get an idea of what the show will be like in its entirety; or just pop in for a quick one-off scratch."
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