An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

Sal Kramer

Has anyone seen this poster for sale anywhere? I had one back in the day, and I'd love get one again. Thanks...



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Thanks Skylarker for the favour. Highly appreciated. I'll settle with the lossy format. This will tidy me up for upcoming Christmas and the ones after. Wonder why the R.E.M. Fanclub recordings never came out on a boot cd, as a complete collection, cool & calm, with nice artwork, not even in Japan which still has a large hard copy collector's market.


Does anyone have the Bingo Hand Job RSD vinyl rip available to share? I see it was shared last year but links are now dead.

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Hey, talking of R.E.M. I had a couple of theirs on the other night, ‘Automatic’ & the 2001 disc of the Unplugged sessions. Brilliant. Stipes voice is so suited to that stripped down sound.

AFTP hasn’t aged at all, still a brilliant album.👍
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