Any Californians been to the Six Flags Theme Park?


It's all good
You may barf, just warning you...



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Well I guess it is a good thing they have a water park next door....


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Yep, and I almost did hurl. I hate rollercoasters. And my boyfriend at the time knew this and I can't remember what the ride was called, but it was the fastest rollercoaster there. He thought it was funny and when it climbed up and up and plunged down I screamed,"FUUUUUUUUUUCK" he was laughing his damned head off and so was everyone else. So I told myself, just calm down. It's only a two minute ride through hell. It's not like Disneyland- you go to Six Flags for the rollercoasters. Not my idea of a fun day.
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Zelda Zonk

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Ah man!
I love Six Flags. It was the first time I'd been upside down on a rollercoaster. Such a fantastic day - apart from getting drenched on the Rapids. Yes, I knew we'd get wet, but not so wet my phone wouldn't work and my passport was ruined.
The Batman ride was the favourite. But I hated those wooden coasters: I got whiplash, they were so uncomfortable.

Great times:
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