Anyone know the bootleg label (if any?) behind this old Smiths s/t tape?

All I have to go on is their logo and catalog #, and I see nothing online when searching:

It's a pretty blatantly obvious unofficial release, but I can't figure anything out beyond that... I'd like to know because I am very anal about cataloging my collection on Discogs (Smiths stuff in particular), and I don't this this release exists on there or elsewhere online.

I know there were/are tons of "nice-looking" (some more so than others) unofficial releases made in various countries, but the single-sided j-card doesn't even give a "Made In ______" note.

Cat#: US 2567

Logo appears to be a woman wearing a fruit hat and playing an acoustic guitar, so possibly a South American boot...

Printed cassette shell label stickers appear to be hand-applied (and terribly f***ing crookedly at that, not to mention peeling off because they were slapped on over the edge of the indented label surface. :rolleyes: ).

Thank you in advance for any insight you might be able to give... and sorry if this is the wrong section. I figured the Bootlegs section was more for posting download links...
Thanks a ton... I am surprised I could not find that site in my search, and also that I've never happened across it before.
Very useful resource, though it's too bad "Dancer" seems practically impossible to connect to anything else in terms of other releases (unlicensed or otherwise) by the label... I am assuming that "Dancer" is not just a placeholder for a potentially non-existent label name, of course. Also, I really want to see this now:

Saudi Arabia cassette [747 New Wave 9136]
This unlicensed cassette has to be the funniest one to collect. The artwork on the front was probably deemed too indecent, so cover star Dallesandro was 'dressed' with drawings of buttons, denim lapels and pockets on his chest, and to the unknowing eye, he does look here like he is wearing a shirt. The track listing is the basic 10-song one, but the order was messed up and 4 songs by Cabaret Voltaire were tagged at the end of side A and at the beginning of side B. The cassette itself is tan coloured with black text and blue logo.

I am having no luck with my searches on Discogs, sadly. Either way, thanks for being so helpful! That SA tape cover is pretty priceless.
Also, if you are still looking for MIM longbox scans, I can scan mine for you at some point tomorrow.
Alrighty! Well, when I am not quite so fried, I'll get 'em done.

I'm really sorry I didnt do it sooner in the day... My Fridays are frequently squandered on robotoripping in my bedroom for many, many, many hours in which absolutely nothing productive occurs... The scanner's downstairs. :(

So scratch "tomorrow", and make it "TONIGHT!" as I've got several things I need to scan for Discogs anyway.

PS: Thanks for maintaining such an excellent online resource!
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