As Friends Rust - Last of the Famous International Scumbags

Here's a new song about our Steven.

“While his work had helped to shape our world, his words had caused such pain...”

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from the Ice Age to the dole age
Christ, my poor ears didn't deserve that.


Utter crap


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If you're going to be mad at an artist for Xenophobia, maybe pick one who isn't a 1st generation immigrant who wrote a song about being torn between his two cultures.

I swear Morrissey would get less flack if England didn't ignore Ireland so much.

Hovis Lesley

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If that was music, to anyone’s ears, I might rightly question why they ever enjoyed The Smiths or Morrissey in the first place.

Was Morrissey perhaps ‘fashionable’ once?

Vic Strangeways

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What am I talking about? Kids being murdered watching pop music. Teenagers being beaten and raped by Asians, black Muslims cutting heads off. That's what i'm talking about. Do you not read the news?
''Stop watching the news, because the news contrives you to frighten you. To make you feel small and alone, to make you feel that your mind isn't your own'' - Steven
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